Monday, February 1, 2010

Kal Korff - a Haiku for You

I grow tired.

I grow oh so tired of Kal's endless, worthless ranting. That fat fuck drones on and on, promising everything, offering nothing, offending everyone. Does he ever stop? Can he stop?

I decided to be creative today. I wrote a couple haikus about Kal. A haiku uses 5-7-5 syllables for you non-Japanese poetry guys. (it's supposed to be trendy fun for us westerners, hahaha)

Here goes....

Banal and facile
Kal Korff, a fat waste of space
See that pug nosed face

Easy right? Let's try again...

Full of promises
UFOs, Kennedy shows
Kal Korff is a bore

Yea, this is fun. One more time...

Kurtis in jail, check
Father, mother deadbeats, check
Kal Korff makes them proud

And the encore...

We are watching, Kal
Korffers of the world, unite
Do not try to hide

Feel free to submit your own haiku in the comments. Remember the 5-7-5 rule.


Anonymous said...

Greetings, fellow Korffers - don't forget to check out Paul Kimball's contribution at the end of the last string...

Anonymous said...

While I understand that Fuck Nut doesn't warrant a film, video, etc.; youtube or otherwise, I'm sad that it will not come to be.

Obviously, maybe he does need a film; he's done a lot of "damage" but really, other than lying and fucking Bartu out of some money, he's is own worse enemy and the worst fucking personal PR man in history...

Look at what's now going on... Nothing. Zero. Nada.

As Paul states elsewhere, Ass Stain is a nobody, stuck in a county which even makes him a further nobody (no reflection on that country, just on Fuck Head).

I ain’t smart enough to make up Haiku, and I really don’t care to... Other than to say the obvious:

Paul Kimball heads above
Fuck Nut suck his balls



Anonymous said...

Here's how suck-sezful you are Fuck Nut. Who else would be happy with these kinds of results on the net? Shameful. Dot must be so proud:

Kal K Korff:

Nothing but negative shit.

Kal K Korff image search:

More of the same...

Kal K Korff video search:

What a fucking em-bare-ass-ment to coin a Korffisum.

When asked about what he thinks about all this negative material on the net about himself, Korff has repeatedly stated that he's happy with this, and ain't it grand, and that he loves it when a plan comes together.

Great plan; proving to entire planet just what a HUGE lozer you really are. With no help from anyone else... but yourself. Let that last part sink in Fucker, you did it to yourself.

Congratulations Fuck Nut, you've been wildly sucksezful,

There's only one way to go from here... Further down our own rabbit hole.

Best Wishes Shit Stain,


Anonymous said...

Kal Korff-a fat waste
fat waste has forgotten
bullshit talks & walks
doers do


JFK is President
shooters shoot-he lies dead
Kal Korff is full of shit


The Internet
harbinger of good and ill
Korff - a fat waste of space
on the Internet


The Super Hi-way- the Internet
Wrapped in Fog on a Feb. morning
Korff still blows bullshit

Okay, I tried. Actually it has been a VERY LONG TIME since I have contributed anything to that FAT ASSED waste of space. Guess who?

Anonymous said...

liar, charlatan,
fraud, fantasist, bullshitter,
paedo, conman, thief.

I think that covers the bases.

Perhaps the winner of this contest could get to choose something from the Kult of Kal online shop?

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