Friday, January 15, 2010

Kal Korff aligns himself with chronic sex offender.

Here are the facts:

--> Scott Ritter is a sexual deviant with a prior history (New York Post reported Ritter "caught in a similar case involving a 14-year-old girl in April 2001, but that he was not charged")

--> Kal Korff set up a secret meeting with Scott Ritter (self-admittedly with a hidden camera). Kal's own published proof here.

--> Scott Ritter was recently again arrested for masturbating to (whom he believed was) a 15-year old girl.

Because Ritter's most recent sexual offense arrest has become a hugely public affair, we hope Korff will stop any planned future meetings with Ritter. Or at least not secretly photograph them.

You just can't make this stuff up. This is Kal Korff, folks.

By the way, if you want to read the affidavit for Ritter arrest, right-click here to download the PDF.


Anonymous said...

Message from Kalvin, via his site:

"Our hearts and prayers go out to the brave people of Haiti, who need everyone's help during this time of need. An earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale has just devastated the country, and especially its capital.

If you wish to send any financial donations or assistance to charities which help Haiti, here is the information for the American Red Cross:

Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund"

Like you give a flying one, Korff. But thanks for letting me know about the disaster in Haiti ... I'd never have known without the heads-up.

Will you be contributing to the disaster fund, I wonder? Perhaps some of the loot you conned out of Milos "Fuck You" Bartu?

I'll say it again: you are scum.

Anonymous said...

Two of a kind.

tiraniyaya said...

The affidavit says that Ritter started the conversation with the girl and then for some reason showed his face on camera. The video apparently was not recorded and the officer had to recognize Ritter from the photos he saw later. It is also not clear why he gave his full name and location. Is it so that he would not be confused with other Scott or Bill Ritters? Scott Ritter seem to act very fullish for an intelligence agent, that had been previously caught in a very similar sting. Someone seems to have created a very easy case for the local police office that had only few such cases, one of which happens to be Scott Ritter. In conspirators' defense, they did not try to totally destroy Ritter, even though they could. He may not get any time at all. Yet, his reputation is badly damaged already. The smear campaign could have failed, and then no one would have heard about it. But it has succeeded and it is all over the news.

But why bother? The Iraq war is behind. This time it could be about Iran. Ritter is the only voice in the Western world arguing that Iran is not trying to acquire nuclear weapons. The talk from the previous smear campaign seems to have faded away as he did manage to get on to cable news couple times, but he was put down again. It does seem like a cycle and no one will listen to him again. The only thing missing is a war on Iran...

The Unknown Korffer said...

Nah man they had him, the guy is a pervert and was trying to cybar with an underage chick. It sickening and has nothing to do with politics or international intrigue, just good police work. He was busted and he knew it, just by the cell number he gave the undercover officer to call. That phone was registered to him, it would have been a matter of procedure to obtain the records of who owned it from the carrier.

The guy's got a problem, he's been caught doing this before and argued the conspiracy angle to try and save his reputation, which is now toast. The reporting says he went through rehabilitation therapy and obviously just pulled a con job on his shrinks to get them to sign the right papers. He lied to evoke the conspiracy and then lied his way out of therapy. He's a predator and at least a sociopath, no doubt about it.

He's also a repeat offender pedophile who was actively trying to arrange physical meetings with his victims so he could have an opportunity to physically abuse the children he thought he was targeting. Or do you think he wanted to talk with these children about his weapons inspection work? Iraq and weapons of mass destruction stopped being an issue the second he switched on his camera to masturbate with what he was told was a 15 year old girl on the other end. That in itself is felony child abuse, specifically inappropriate contact with a minor.

All his online activity could also be pinpointed once his identity was established, including the use of Yahoo instant messaging and a webcam to transmit the images of him fiddling about. Server logs from his ISP would have recorded the use of bandwidth and whom he was connecting to, that is unless he had an elaborate spoof/sock set up to mask just what he may have been connecting to. Tend to doubt it though since as the person above points out he spilled the beans the second the officer contacted him. He does not seem like a very bright cyberpath though I am glad they caught him.

Chances are also pretty good that they may have had his cell account established via the number he gave before the officer even placed the call, though they may have needed a court order to obtain his phone records. It's not that difficult to find out who is who on the end of the various digital connections we and apparently Mr. Ritter didn't think twice about using. He was busted red handed and is now properly disgraced. Not as some anti Bush advocate but as a pedophile who tried to abuse a child, and more than once. Its funny too to do a websearch on him and see some of the leftie blogs that tried to brush the 2001 allegations off and accused the Bush people of staging the whole thing. Well, guess this screws up that theory!

Try again. The guy's a common net perv, glad to see they nabbed him and hopefully he never got to have the opportunity for unsupervised contact with a minor that he was actively looking for. Maybe Roman Polanski would be willing to take him in.

Anonymous said...

Yup, cut from the same cloth:

Scott Ritter.
Roman Polankski...
...and Kal.

tiraniyaya said...

The fact that the phone number does belongs to him does not prove anything either. Someone could give your phone number to the police but it would make guilty. Anyone who had hid business card could have known his phone number. It does not mention whether the phone conversation itself was recorded or whether Ritter said anything revealing himself on the conversation. Apparently the officer just introduced himself right away. If a police officer calls your phone and introduces yourself it does not make you automatically guilty.
It would be interesting to see what information would come out if they check IP numbers. But there probably won't be any court and no further investigation. And that's the point. His reputation is damaged and he won't even have a chance to clear his name.
But even if they do check IP numbers there is a risk that his Internet connection was bugged. It is particularly easy to do with a badly protected WiFi
So one could have used his Internet connection without him knowing, in which case his IP would show up in the logs.

It is suspicious though why would he give his phone number when he could talk over Internet. By the way, to be able to send a web link to your web camera requires some tech savviness. Most people only know how to use webcams with popular software like MSN or Yahoo messenger.

What is troubling is that it says that he is caught on video, which could be some proof, but the truth is there is no recorded video.

Anonymous said...

Dude, ALL of our internet connections are "bugged", its the way that the internet works. Your cell phone is bugged too, as well as any land line phones. Nobody is really anonymous anymore. Scott Ritter engaged in unlawful & reckless behavior and got caught by a very simple online sting, then confessed to police when confronted.

I am not sure what else there is to establish, but if writing this off as some sort of weird conspiracy helps to validate your own world view then be my guest.

The Unknown Korffer said...

... the truth is there is no recorded video.

How do you know that? Are you privy to unpublished details regarding the investigation? There are all sorts of softwares that will capture video right off a desktop, not to mention just making screenshots using keystrokes (COMMAND + 3 on my machine), which would be acceptable proof of the video. If it was a police sting they surely had the machine wired up to something to record every last bit of digital evidence. All you need is a USB plug and you can even export an entire desktop's activity to a 2nd machine, or hub it into a network.

This wasn't just some "rogue officer" monitoring what Ritter may or may not have been doing with his computer, waiting for him to slip up. It was an officer posing as a young girl, probably using a girlish screen name suggesting a young age. The officer was assigned to go on Yahoo's sewer of instant messaging rooms and just waited for someone to engage in an inappropriate conversation with "her". When it became apparent that they were headed in a sexual direction the recording devices would have been switched on and the evidence allowed to accumulate based on how far Ritter wanted to go with it. The second he dropped his pants, engaged his webcam and sent "her" a link to it he was committing felony child abuse. It's that simple.

Which is far more disquieting than any kind of conspiracy. You have to wonder how many other times Ritter may have done this and escaped detection, or how often it probably happens every day with untold millions of internet users just itching to show someone a video of them beating off. Just how many worthless perverts and pedos are out there on the internet? Here's proof that you really don't have to work that hard to bust one of them. Ritter even did all of the heavy lifting himself, all the police had to do was sit there and passively encourage him to take his pedo fantasy to the extent that he wanted.

So which is more likely: Scott Ritter with his history of arrests for this very crime being the victim of some bizarre conspiracy to defame him via Bush operatives looking for revenge (brrr!), or Scott Ritter with his history of arrests for this crime finally getting popped in a random online sting designed to net people engaging in the very behavior he had previously been arrested for?

tiraniyaya said...

I did not hear him confessing yet.

Capturing a video stream should not be hard but so far it seems that the video was not recorded. If there is a video it could be analyzed to see whether it is edited.

The conspiracy could be executed by a single tech-savvy person. It does not have to do anything with Bush or revenge. If there is a conspiracy it is probably to silence him on Iran, not Iraq anymore.

Just because he was arrested before does not prove anything. It could be a set-up last time too. We don't know the details. Throwing a mud on a person twice does not make him guilty.

If there is a recorded video it could go a long way on proving or disproving the case.
Right now I stick with "innocent until proven guilty".

Anonymous said...

Ummm, Yeah, Welllll this site is about Kornhole Cumstain Korff! So y'all take this shit somewhere else. Cause I got exicted to read nine postings that I thought were about the Doucher! How dissapointing!

Anonymous said...

"ause I got exicted to read nine postings that I thought were about the Doucher! How dissapointing!"
---I second that. In-depth discussions of the finer points of UFO-ology or Ritter's grubby little doings on this blog should be banned (and deleted).

Anonymous said...

"ause I got exicted to read nine postings that I thought were about the Doucher! How dissapointing!"
---I second that. In-depth discussions of the finer points of UFO-ology or Ritter's grubby little doings on this blog should be banned (and deleted).

We.Are.Kult.Of.Kal said...

hey all,

First of all, my blog's a free place for any asshole to post their comments, regardless whether the asshole is me, you or this "tiraniyaya".

Now that said, I also suspected the posts were strange, so I plugged some quoted text from his comment into Google.

Sure enough: that person has posted identical text on several blogs and newspaper article forums.

More so, if you Google the guy's full name, you'll find he "runs" a Scott Ritter's Facebook fan page, under the presumed identity of Scott Ritter. (many of "Ritter's" 317 friends assume it's really him). Sound familiar? :)

Scary what some maniacs are capable of, huh?

...oh, wait. Talk about irony.

We.Are.Kult.Of.Kal said...


I just realized something, buddy... I was doing your job! :)

Where you been lately?


Anonymous said...


Just been laying back waiting for Kal Korker to do something funny or stupid.

Regarding this 'tiraniyaya' character, you missed a few. He has actually posted that same comment, word for word, on more than 100 sites, all in one day!
He has also previously posted on many other sites, mostly ones having something to do with the subject of deviant sex.
No further comment needed!


The Unknown Korffer said...

Far out. Didn't mean to distract from the Colonel and had decided not to reply anymore to additional posts from that entity, had likewise suspected an ulterior intent. What a wacky world!

tiraniyaya said...

I am sorry to post on this blog off subject. I thought that since the blog post was about Scott Ritter I could express my opinion.
However, I would like you to kindly listen to the defendant (that is me) testimony, so that I can save my tarnished reputation, before I am established as guilty.

When I heard about this story with Scott Ritter I came to a conclusion that there is a high chance that this was a setup. So I tried to post my opinion on as many blogs that had this subject as possible. I did not realize it was in any way wrong. Anyway I gave up because there were too many of them.

I am not the administrator of the Scott Ritter facebook page .
I don't know how you came to that conclusion. I became a member of that page maybe a couple months ago and once posted an unmentioned article in the fans comments area. In any case, the conclusion that I am the creator or administrator of that page was wrong.

As to the charge that I "also previously posted on many other sites, mostly ones having something to do with the subject of deviant sex."
the only sexual post I've ever posted was on blog post
in the comments area. The posts were about the hidden sexual messages in the old Indian cinema.
All the other sexual posts are probably some automatic copies of the above and are not done by me. If there are other sexual posts on my name, please, let me know, becaue I am not aware of any.

tiraniyaya said...

However, my main point is that Scott Ritter was automatically assumed guilty without giving him a chance to exonerate himself. Pretty similarly to the way I might be assumed guilty of spamming, posing as someone else and sexual perversion.
Overwhelming majority of the posts I saw online had assumed that Scott Ritter was guilty. I wanted to give a reply to those posts so that people had a chance to consider a different opinion before jumping to a conclusion.

I believe that he should be assumed innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around. If you only listen to prosecution the defendant is always guilty.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember what Kal's mom;s name was?

I know it was Dorothy but i cant remember the last name.

F1 Racer

Anonymous said...

Joss. Dorothy Joss.

DotJoss was the (mythical?) company through which Kalvin said he traded the computer goods he stole from Milos "Fuck You" Bartu.

Hey "Colonel" - how are the plans for an "online memorial service" for your pal? And what the frick is an "online memorial service" anyway?

You madman.

Anonymous said...

Dorothy Juanita Joss
m. Kalvin Kern Korff
m.2nd. Val Roland Toone

Kal K. Korff
Kyra Kamille Korff
Kurtis Kern Korff


Anonymous said...

Kyra Bridgeman - not a common name:

Anonymous said...

KoK somehow gave the wrong link to the Kal's Korner article. Here's the correct one:

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS! It's OFFICIAL - Col. Kal Korff Becomes Editor of New Czech Daily Newspaper

Kalvin - you know this is a lie; and you know that we know that this is a lie. Furthermore, you know that we know that you know this is a lie.

So what's the point? Really - what's the frickin' point?

Anonymous said...

Still trying to impress the world with his IQ of 219? Won't work.
An udderly amature job, literally.


Anonymous said...

Still trying to impress the world with his IQ of 219? Won't work.
An udderly amature job, literally.


Anonymous said...

"KalIsrael" has claimed (i.e. lied) that "Ritter doesn't even know I helped lure him to Prague under the guise of paying him to come give a lecture.


You're pathetic, "Colonel".

Anonymous said...

Well, for once I can say without any form of irony: boy, I wouldn't like to be Scott Ritter right now. Things continue to get really bad for him.

Please don't claim to have had any hand in his apprehension, "Colonel". Please don't be as predictable as lunatic.

Anonymous said...

Is Paul Kimball's documentary going to address Korff's self-demonstrated close association and shared common interest with Scott Ritter?

When is Kimball's Korff film to be released?

Anonymous said...

I have asked Mr Kimball that a couple of times and he has never responded.

It was supposed to have come out in November.

This is distinctly Korff-like behavior, Mr Kimball. Does this movie really exist?

Anonymous said...

What A fucking putz is Kal. From his "website" with millions of hits per month (almost as many as Drudge)

UPDATE: Kal Korff to Xpose President Barack Obama's LIES in New Series of Videos Next Week PDF Print E-mail
News - Latest
Written by Public Relations
Thursday, 28 January 2010 14:11

Dear World, is now preparing a series of video REBUTTALS to President Barack Obama's much-maligned and hypocrisy-laden State Of The Union Address, which he gave last night to exasperated fellow Americans, who saw yet more hard evidence that this President and the present Congress ARE NOT CAPABLE OF FIXING THE PROBLEMS THEY ALL WILLINGLY, (key word here), WILLINGLY CAUSED.

In this series of videos, to be launched next week, Kal Korff will critique segments of President Obama's speech, and CORRECT THE FACTUAL RECORD, proving where the President not only LIED, but that Obama KNEW he had lied to the American people.

Such behavior is disgusting, it is UNBECOMING and UNWORTHY of the President of the United States or members of its government, regardless of their political affiliations. will try to air these recorded videos and responses to both the President's speech and the Republican's "response" sometime next week.

Never a dull moment.

UPDATE: Korff will show statements Barack Obama has made, promises he "swore" he would keep, and then show how Obama today KNOWS that what he continues to say is NOT true, and is in fact dishonest.

"The purpose is NOT to attack nor criticize the President nor anyone specific," Korff said. "Instead, it is to correct and set the record straight, so that the next time these myths and untruths are said, the American people will know the facts and know the truth and be able to tell WHO is lying.

"If I am wrong on anything that I will expose, then I will gladly cut another video and correct whatever mistakes people report and prove to me," said Korff.

Korff is expected to "Xpose" President Barack Obama using hard facts and Obama's own words, the way he did Josephine County Sheriff, Gil Gilbertson, UFO huckster and Roswell CONspiracy nut and Little Grey Man believer, Kevin Randle, "Desperate Don" Ecker and others.


Anonymous said...

So secret agent Kal is now going to 'expose' the President of the United States. I'm sure the FBI will get a good laugh out of that!


Anonymous said...

You are lying vermin, Korff.

Oh by the way, wasn't that new newspaper (whose editor you claimed to be) due to debut round about now?

Where is it, liar?

Paul Kimball said...


It is my sad duty to inform you that there is no Korff film, and there never has been. It was just a little gag that the late Mac Tonnies and I cooked up one night whilst chatting by phone, as a way of getting Korff's proverbial goat... and then it went viral. It fooled both Korff (who will undoubtedly deny it, but his past posts put the lie to any such denial) and you guys (call that last part collateral damage).

Mac and I had planned a great denouement in November, wherein I would rent a theater here in Halifax, fill it with a hundred friends, and tape myself at a Q & A after the movie had allegedly screened, answering serious questions about the non-existent film. We had a good laugh as we imagined Korff wathcing it, and slowly coming unhinged. Then, at the very end, the final question would be from a pal who was going to ask me, "so, what are your final conclusions after having done this film about Kal Korff?" to which my response was going to be, "what film? Who the heck would ever make a film about Kal Korff?" Cut to black, and call it a Bob Newhart ending.

However, with Mac's tragic death in October, the joke, as the Smiths said, just wasn't funny anymore. I would have pulled the plug earlier, but honestly, it just hasn't been on my radar screen, as I've been swamped finishing my ghost TV series and my first feature film (these are thinks, Kal, that real filmmakers do).

A couple of weeks ago, however, KoKK sent me a note asking me to let everyone know what was up - he and I had met in Prague last June (yes, I was actually there - just a happy coincidence), and I have a little free time this morning, so there it is.

Cue the predicatable response from Korff about how he knew it all along. :-)

The truth is that no-one, and I mean no-one, would ever pay me or anyone else to make a film about Korff, simply because he isn't important enough. And remember, I've been paid to make films about all sorts of people (Stan Friedman, for example), and all sorts of subjects (ghosts, UFOs, pro wrestling, classical music, the blues, travel)... all of which are more important than one, sad little man stuck in his fantasy world in the Czech Republic, pretending that he's "exposing" Barack Obama.

That joke isn't funny anymore, either.

Paul Kimball

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