Friday, January 15, 2010

Kal Korff aligns himself with chronic sex offender.

Here are the facts:

--> Scott Ritter is a sexual deviant with a prior history (New York Post reported Ritter "caught in a similar case involving a 14-year-old girl in April 2001, but that he was not charged")

--> Kal Korff set up a secret meeting with Scott Ritter (self-admittedly with a hidden camera). Kal's own published proof here.

--> Scott Ritter was recently again arrested for masturbating to (whom he believed was) a 15-year old girl.

Because Ritter's most recent sexual offense arrest has become a hugely public affair, we hope Korff will stop any planned future meetings with Ritter. Or at least not secretly photograph them.

You just can't make this stuff up. This is Kal Korff, folks.

By the way, if you want to read the affidavit for Ritter arrest, right-click here to download the PDF.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Kal Korff on Facebook

We got word that Kal has legitimately signed up on Facebook.
However, if you use Google to search for Kal Korff on Facebook, you get:

I just wanted to share that.

F1 Racer (good to see you back; sorry to hear of your uncle's health)

p.s. Of course, the above Facebook link is my old (Kult of Kal) Kal Facebook link, the defunct link. And now that I've posted this again ... I created just one more 'backlink' for Google to find and solidify the bad result.
So, anyone searching for Kal will more likely find this KoK blog than his legit Facebook site.

Damn, I love this stuff. heehee

Friday, January 8, 2010


For the first time in recent memory (perhaps first in history?), Kal tasted sweet success. The Facebook page for Kal was removed and the account disabled.

Wow. I, for one, am proud of Kal. Good for him. I think we should all applaud Kal for actually taking some action of any sort.

Here is what Kal reports it on his website:

Dear World,

Facebook has REMOVED the bogus "Kal Korff" page which was created by a person who WILL BE NAMED PUBLICLY after this individual is INDICTED and formally charged and ARRESTED by the police.

I would like to THANK Facebook for acting responsibly, and considering the holidays, in a timely manner.

Facebook AGREES that this individual engages in hatred, anti-Semitism, (Kal Korff is Jewish) and now an attempt to get an additional charge, tacking on an added hate crime penalty is being pursued.

There will be no further discussion of this incident until AFTER the person is indicted and ARRESTED. Once this happens, the individual's photo, work details and home address and other information WILL be published and released to the general public.

Let this be a "lesson" to every individual (especially my "kritics") WHO MAKE A POINT TO HATE.

We PROMISE YOU that more individuals WIL BE EXPOSED, and legally and criminally held accountable.

We are now contacting the employer of yet another such person, it is safe to say this individual WILL BE FIRED shortly.

I agree with taking the Facebook down. It was wrong in its format.

As for the threat of arresting & prosecution/persecution, I already contacted my attorney. I sent him the set of public documents from Kurtis case as an example of Kal's behavior. My attorney says it will be his pleasure to proceed with a suit or countersuit for when (if) Kal tries anything.

And as for contacting my employer and publishing work details ...well, I am self-employed. Kal, that means I have no employer. Good luck with that one, Kal.

I say - bring on whatever you like, Kal. I will not publicize any details. It will be very quiet and simply disappear. I will enjoy it for myself.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Special Agent Korff Strikes Again

FBI Coming Again huh Kal?
As Kal so often does, he threatens and threatens and threatens.

Now, Special Agent Kal Korff has sent me and my wrong-doings to the FBI.

Has anyone come to haunt me? Ah, no.
Has his Facebook page been yanked off? Ah, no.
Has Kal learned anything? Ah, no.

Nothing has happened, and I don't expect anything to happen.

UPDATE: A fellow Korffer (whose opinions I respect quite a bit) offered me his take on my naming the fellow I had words with on Facebook. In short, I've taken his name down. Also, I'm given some serious reconsideration to how I'm actively campaigning against KKK. (Even more to the point, to who's level am i stooping?)

Kal's (Helplessly Ignorant) Victim #2314
Oh, and by the way, I have to call this guy out. All I can say is, what a douchebag!
He befriended me (Kal) on Facebook and is obviously a HUGE cum-stained fan of KKK. His private messages to me were filled with questions I wouldn't dare repeat or answer.

But, once I posted the first Kult of Kal video on Facebook, Mr. Helplessly Ignorant Victim (HIV for short) #2314 went apeshit.

Here are a few of Mr. HIV's private and public comments to me: (pardon his great spelling)
  • "OK SO YOUR NOT KAL!!!! You are just pretending to be thats reel cool!! I don't know who you are and I dont know Kal but I do like his work. I see you are trying to make kal out to be like this bad person but from an outsiders point it looks sort of petty and in the end YOU whoever you are the problem not Kal"
  • "O by the way don't try fucking with me pretending your Kal OK!!!!"
  • "THIS IS NOT KAL KORFF. dude I don't worship nobody."
  • "this guy is going to take down all my posts so people cant reed them he's not Kal"

Okay, that last one was absolutely true. I deleted each of his comments and then politely popped the little weasel off my friends list.

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