Friday, December 11, 2009

Done Listening - Now I'm Speaking

On Kal's Facebook page, I'm done just "listening" -- that's what I call my info gathering phase (sounds sort of YS3-ish, right?).

Now, I'm beginning to post stuff. I just posted a picture of Kal's brother, Kurtis, on Facebook.

Check it out:

What do you think of my comment? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Michael Horn Speaks!

Wow, what a great letter from Michael Horn: click here to go to it.

My favorite part is the link to this info.

You all know Michael Horn as the guy with whom Kal Korff alleges to have partnered with to produce some double-set of DVDs. Michael clearly sets the record straight -- no, no, no.

It's hilarious to read. I only wish I could see Kal's face when he reads it. I'm sure we'll hear plenty of retort from the King of Shite soon enough.

Anyone want to take any bets on how Kal reacts? I predict 3 options:
  1. Kal screams to his public "Michael Horn is a liar!!"
  2. Kal replies with "Production may be delayed, due to some covert operations in Korffistan."
  3. Kal quietly replies to Michael Horn with "You're a LIAR!!"

Enjoy - keep korffing. Kal Korff is an insane lunatic. "...and you can quote me on that."

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Facebook Fun

I told you all that yesterday how I finally accepted all of the Facebook friend requests, right?

Well, it seems all 8 of them believe 100% that I am indeed Kal Korff. That's funny.

But I just revealed myself (kult of kal) to 1 Facebook friend, and the poor slob still believes I'm Kal, even after revealing myself. I guess Facebook can seem trustworthy to some people.

So, I figure if I post our conversation on the blog, he'll get it. Click to expand

Monday, December 7, 2009

Kal Korff - Chubby Li'l Facebook Loser

Taking the hint from FN, I changed the blog's header image.
Priceless. Just fucking priceless.

In other news, you all know I created a Facebook page with this gmail account right?

Well, it seems no less than 8 people have found my Facebook page and wanted to be my "friend." But these people genuinely believe I am Kal Korff. As Kal would say: "Can you believe that, folks?"

Yeah, no less than eight people believe I am actually Kal. One guy sent a friend request, asking if I'd be interested in some work. I would give away more, but just in case Kal monitors this stuff, I won't. I don't want him chasing after his job that's rightfully mine, right? (Or do I have that backwards? Whatever.)

For a long time I only watched as more people sent friend requests. I just accepted all 8 requests this morning. Should be interesting to see where this goes.
I'm posting a screenshot of my Facebook page, but I should edit out who 'befriended' Kal.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Google Wave Invites Released

Last Friday, I offered 8 Google Wave invites to anyone who sent in a picture or video poking some fun at our favorite Kernal Korff. It's Wednesday today, with 2 days left. Results so far: 1 picture.

I hate to sound disillusioned, but it seems our KIAI / KoK community is dead (or extremely sleepy). Or, at least extremely one-sided. What's your take on it?

Not being someone to back away from my word, I went ahead and sent off 5 of my 8 available invites. So, I picked the most active commenters from both blogs.
I did it this way because, with only two days left in this half-assed contest, I've had 1 submission. Yeah, if you ask me, I do think that's sad. (To think I had expected only 4 or 5....damn, even my pessimism wasn't pessimistic enough.)

I sent off invites to the following 5 names (& whose e-mails I have:) Squonkamatic, Jimmy, Brad, Digger and the dude who sent in this Bozo picture:

I would send one to "Anonymous," but I don't have his e-mail....hehe.

Anyway, later, -kult.

p.s. To the dude who sent in the Bozo picture, please know I had to clean coffee off my keyboard.

p.p.s. Anyone who spotted the obscure movie reference in my "dead, or extremely sleepy" quip - a big "AttaBoy" to you! :)

p.p.p.s. Yes, if by Friday I get a 2nd picture or video, of course, I'll be happy to get rid of the remaining 3 invites. And, of course, I highly fucking doubt anyone will send anything, let alone do I believe anyone is actually reading this post. Time to get more coffee.

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