Monday, January 26, 2009

Actual Products About Kal - Genius

There is a new place online to boast your membership in a fictitous secret organization and generally vent your feelings toward Kal. Best of all, it's cheap, easy and in some ways, even fashionable.

It's the Kult of An Idiot store. It's my creative touch to a genuine, customizable online product store.

Products include a mousepad (shown below) detailing some of Kal's larger-than-life claims, an array of shirts and mugs detailing your secret membership.

There are even boxer shorts boasting your secret member:
Kal - eat your heart out. Hey, maybe Martina will even get the thong (see online near bottom).

Note to fellow S3-ers: all items from store are marked $1 above production costs. Any proceeds from our purchases will be used to assist KIAI, KOK, S3 and other websites/efforts.

Sincerely yours,
Kult of Kal

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