Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kal Did Work At LLNL


I believe Kal now. I've heard from one of Kal's former colleagues at LLNL.
Speaking on the condition of anonymity, this person worked with or above Kal at LLNL (Lawrence Livermore Natl Laboratory) and verified Kal's employment, including some decent details.

My source verified about 2 facts:
  1. Kal did indeed work at LLNL, for a period between 2-4 years.
  2. Kal's work was not related to the Star Wars program, not even remotely. Instead, Kal's work was remedial system support, namely on a subset of LLNL's Macintosh computers.

Even more detailed, Kal was not a full-time LLNL employee, but rather via a contractor, through Kirk Mayer Inc (KMI). The rent-a-tech department he worked in was called Small Systems Support (SSS), later called the Distributed Computer Support Program (DCSP).

Also, I understand from this source (sounds like someone who was in a superior position to Kal) that Kal's performance was subpar, all the while he was a boastful (direct quote: "he did not contribute to anything but his ego")

Another quote from the source: "He certainly did not support anything related to the science that goes on there." So, for Kal to say he was involved with Star Wars is the same as any person crossing the street was involved with a car accident a mile away. Kal was in the same city, but not the same team.

Again, although he was bad at it, here's one more source saying Kal did legitimately work at LLNL. More importantly in the quest of truth, all of Kal's innuendos that he had any contribution to the Star Wars program are completely empty. Kal's work at LLNL was simply Macintosh computer support.

Personal Thank You to Kal
I have a personal "Thank You" for you, Kal. When I first read about you and your "involvement" with Hypercard, I got interested in learning about Hypercard myself.
I couldn't believe how easy Hypercard is! I made a couple programs myself after only a few minutes. And then I got a good idea ...since I'm kind of a Star Trek fan, I made one program to catalog a bunch of Star Trek TNG related data. I named it "Commander Data" and I ended up selling it online for ..., well, let's say more money than you'll ever see. Even Milos Bartu appreciates it (I gave it to him for free).

Yeah, so thanks Kal!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Kult of Kal 3 video

The 3rd Kult of Kal video is finished, uploaded and ready to smile at.

The main message is clear: there are two sides to Kal. First, how Kal sees himself in the world and second, ...reality. This video takes 6 minutes to briefly illustrate both sides.

There are 3 "Kult of Kal" videos now. Here are the first two:

Kult of Kal 1 & Kult of Kal 2

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Anonymous Letter to Kal -From All of Us

From the Kal Is An Idiot blog, a recent entry reports how Kal supposedly appeals for sympathy for a terminally ill cancer patient, -but in the end he uses her only to appeal his cause against his foes. Very low indeed.

I found this one comment particularly cutting, but honest:

Kal, you should be utterly ashamed of yourself for this latest example of how low you'll stoop.

The underbelly isn't low enough for you, as you sink so low as to take out your personal anger and rage against Paul Kimball, Kevin Randle and Royce Meyers at the expense of a poor girl who has cancer. Shame on you. Shame.

Your obsession with some UFO personalities is frightening and you have clearly lost touch with the real world.

It is abundantly clear Kal that your vendetta, your petty and pathetic need to get even with and attempt to marginalize a particular group bleeds through in everything you do. It is, in my opinion, obvious this is a sickness you have.

And as usual Kal, your gross ignorance and knee jerk assumptions make you look all the more foolish regarding how the medical system in the UK actually works. I thought you were a "global citizen" Kal, a man of the world who was well traveled and educated about the various societies on this planet. Clearly you are anything but.

Kal writes, "While it is always WRONG to "judge" people (unless you ARE "God"), once people lower themselves to this uncivilized standard, of course they typically have nothing to say, often invent things or outright LIE about that person, and this is when they are not busy making a point to tell everyone they know or all their friends, not only made up stuff, but report only the worst of news."

No shit, Kal. This must be an excerpt straight out of your own book of standard conduct. You do the exact same thing, Kal. By Kal's own words he must think he is God. Kal doesn't have anything to say because for years now he has been repeating the same material over and over again.

Kal, if you're so intelligent, then you should try taking an objective inventory of the things you said and compare them to the way you operate.

You pass judgment on people, produce false claims about them and then twist around any little bit tabloid style to make the person look bad and then you "report" it to the world. Well, you report it to the handful of people who laugh at you and your website.

As far as this woman Jade goes, Kal, people identify with her plight and while you might not know this, supporting a person who might be dying is a human trait called mercy, forgiveness, understanding, sympathy, compassion or how ever else you want to describe it. These are things you clearly have very little understanding of and things you do not apply to your own hate filled life.

It takes a truly twisted sort of person to take every opportunity possible to try to make someone look bad. It takes a tasteless asshole who has no boundaries to insert his hate and jealous fueled dispute to insert that very hatred and try to somehow connect a few people you rant on about into a story about a woman dying. This would be you I'm referring to, Kal.

From the big mouth of Kal, "FOR IT TAKES HATE and the feeling of HATRED TO ACCUSE SOMEONE OF THINGS WHICH ARE NOT TRUE!"

Again, a page out of your own book of standards you use against others on a regular basis at every opportunity you see. You prove you do this very same thing just by your words in this latest hate fueled rant on your website. You do the very same thing, you pathological hypocrite.

What sort of person ties in his personal vendetta to try and marginalize a few people into a story about a woman who likely will die from cancer? What sort of twisted, sick, delusional fuckhead does such a thing? It takes a real piece of shit to do something so low, doesn't it Kal?

Kal, you often talk about hate and finding the source of the problem and how things will never change until we address root causes.

News flash for Kal! Kal, you are part of the problem here. Duh! You are the root cause of some of this hate because of your inability to deal with certain truths and your overblown sense of how things ought to be.

You allow your hate filled need to dispense "justice" on those who have told many truths about you, truths that you know are truths but you can't stand to have been exposed after having supposedly "exposed" so many others. Kal is ok with everyone else facing the music, but when it comes his turn he always has an excuse or blames someone else.

Just look at some of the ridiculous bullshit you've done to people. You tried to accuse people of having ties to terrorism who clearly do not. You allege to have filed complaints against people at their place of work when their employment clearly has nothing to do with anything. You threaten to sue and have people arrested. You threated to expose people before the "worldwide media." You threat people with nonexistent audits. you question people's patriotism to a country you frequently bash. You falsely accuse people of hate crimes and being racist.

More words of wisdom from Kal, "It is NEVER RIGHT to "judge" and condemn people just because you disagree with them."

Kal, you've already passed judgment on so many by calling them frauds and liars.


Kal, you need to look into that proverbial mirror you write about and take a good, long, hard look at yourself. The words utter and hypocrite come to mind.

Let's face it, Kal, you are a large part of the problem. Kal, you're a spite filled little man taking his own anger and frustrations out on people and things you perceive have somehow done you some wrong.

Time to face reality, Kal. No one created these problems for you, you created them all on your own by not addressing your own root causes. You've turned out to be a colossal failure in life because you want to blame everyone and everything else for your problems and how the world is.

Do I say this out of spite? No, I do not. I say it out of compassion for you, Kal. I truly do. You need some serious help and I hope that you get it and are able to become a functioning part of normal society again instead of this rambling, hate filled alter ego you have created out of your own desperate need to have something, to have anything to shield you from the ugliness of your self loathing hatred that you wrongly foist upon those who you believe are the cause of your problems.

Kal, you don't just hate, you are hate.

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