Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How to Monitor Kal (And NOT his Website)

Do you use Google Alerts? I do.

I'll try not to sound like a commercial for Google, but if their product is cool, why not share it, right?

Google Alerts watches Kal for me. I don't visit his site when I don't have to. Instead Google Alerts tells me the moron just posted something new.

  1. Some idiot (Kal, in this case) just posted a new blog entry.
  2. The idiot (Kal) uses keywords that I am interested in, e.g. "Kal Korff".
  3. Google alerts me that the idiot posted a new blog entry.
  4. (Optional) I visit his blog to read more.
So Google Alerts is like having a person watch everything written on the Internet, for whatever you're interested in comes up.

Here's how you can set it up, too.
Visit Google Alerts: http://www.gooogle.com/alerts

Enter in the search terms, i.e. keywords you want Google to monitor for you.
Be mindful you use quotes (easy task for Kal) if you use multiple words. Else, it will ring true even with one word alerted.
Choose "Comprehensive" as the all-of-the-above option.
Select if you want to know immediately or just a daily digest.

And, lastly, - enter your e-mail address where to send alerts.

Now, you'll get an e-mail asking you to verify. Not said, this also protects Google from someone getting pranked by friends, getting unintentional alerts on "the". Once you verify, you'll get alerted with every post. The above example is what I personally have used for a while now.

p. s. Obviously, you can set up many alerts, maybe for your favorite news item, or an author's name, or even your own name. Note: this doesn't tell you when someone is searching for your keywords -- only when someone writes an article/blog/etc with the keywords.

Friday, September 25, 2009

KIAI - We Miss You. I'm Stepping This Up.

To the "Kal Is An Idiot" blog,
We miss you. For over a year, we've had a place to hear you rant and rave about Kal Korff's stupid, banal and facile, ass-clown antics. In return, we fill your comments section, showing support for all you said.
But after several months, you needed a rest. And again, after a year, the ranting got to be too much. Indeed, we realize only Kal himself can spew hate so naturally and persistantly. For Kal alone, it actually gives him energy to hate others, while for us humans it takes our energy away.
(Am I sounding too poetic or too here?)

Kal, you're a fucking moron. A pathetic waste of space, waste of air and a drain on the earth's resources. Your family is far from proud of you and everyone who meets you is repulsed by you.
I personally have met some fine people through KIAI and this effort. But I can't say it's been entirely worthwhile having to become familiar with you to do so. I want to walk away, but I feel some ...duty to stay in.

KIAI, it seems, even after declaring a month's rest, you've decided to rest indefinately. We miss you and we want you back. You've got us getting more and more restless for your work.

KIAI, we're hoping you return any day now. But until you return, I will make a decent effort to close the gap.

Kal, you suck. I'm going to say that often, so you'd better get used to it.

Poll Results (How do you know Kal?)

I had a poll up for about two months; the poll closed a week ago. Got 20 responses.
Granted this isn't a popular site, but I'd bet the distribution is right, even at this micro-scale.

My question was this: Where did you first experience Kal?

And here are the results:
Prague ---------------- 25%
Seattle ---------------- 0%
Oregon ---------------- 5%
Kal's Kalifornia days --- 5%
Kal's UFO efforts ------ 65%
Kal childhood (ick!) ---- 0%

There you have it - with the exception of 2 people, 90% of people heard of Kal from his UFO debunker efforts or his wasted decade in Prague.

Kal...let me spell this out for you. No one paid attention to your LLNL lies. No paid attention to your JFK lies. Some people are still bitter about your bullshit English column in the now defunct "Express" paper. But most people know of you because of your UFO ("it's so great, it's in paperback") book.

You suck. If you want to return to stardom (HAHAHAHAHAHA), then consider returning to Switzerland. Hey, maybe you co-produce a DVD with ...oh, wait, nevermind - Mikey Horn already responded "Ahh, no."

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Making Contact with his Contacts

So, some insight into what I've been up to.
At the beginning of September (after a month of "radio silence" on KIAI), I started contacting people who were subscribed to Kal's youtube channel. (No, I don't mind Kal knowing this fact).

I told them I'm fascinated by people actually interested in Kal.
I ask how and why. I want to know more about his "base."

Surprisingly to me, people responded.
I'm learning, a lot of people are just curious, subscribing haphazardly to something that interests them with little motivation to unsubscribe once they satisfy their curiosity.

Until now.

In general, people wrote back with:"I don't know...he's strange."
Or "he confuses me..."
Or "I subscribed to Kal Korfs channel because I didn´t undestand his videos and I wanted to find out more."

But the best response: people are unsubscribing.
Yeah, his numbers are fewer now. And I figure if I do this again (and if others, too), then more of his friends/subscribers are likely to drop from his channel rather than risk being questionned for it.

I just had to share that. :-)
-- especially with you, Kal.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Spurious World of Korff

We all know about the "famous" court battle: Kurtis Kern Korff v. Rest of the World.
In case not, here it is in a nutshell:

Case Summary

Office: Medford

Filed: 02/25/2008

Jury Demand: Defendant

Demand: $3000000

Nature of Suit: 440

Cause: 42:1983 Civil Rights Act

Jurisdiction: Federal Question

Disposition: Dismissed - Voluntarily

County: Josephine

Terminated: 08/17/2009

Court Documents

A fellow Korffer told how it's possible to sign up online and pay to view the court documents.
So I did. Click HERE to download documents I downloaded.

Here's the full timetable of all documents available. In yellow are the ones I've downloaded to date:

1:08-cv-03018-CL Korff v. Geiger et al
Mark D. Clarke, presiding
Date filed: 02/25/2008
Date terminated: 08/17/2009
Date of last filing: 08/17/2009

Filer Kurtis Kern Korff


Event Name






*Motion to Withdraw



*Motion to Appoint Counsel



*Motion for Extension of Time



*Motion for Extension of Time



*Response to Order to Appointing Pro Bono Counsel - Review Complete



*Application for leave to proceed ifp



*Amended Complaint (ZIP file) (added Josephine Co Sheriff Dept)



*Summons Returned Executed



*Summons Returned Executed



*Summons Returned Executed



*Summons Returned Executed



*Summons Returned Executed



*Summons Returned Executed



*Summons Returned Executed



*Summons Returned Executed



*Motion for Summary Judgment



*Certificate of Service



*Exhibits (no hyperlink)



*Motion for Extension of Time



*Certificate of Service



*Response to Motion



*Certificate of Service



*Motion to compel



*Response to Motion



*Motion to Dismiss



*Certificate of Service


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