Friday, February 19, 2010

Bottom of the 9th, 2 Outs, 2 Strikes...

If you're counting (and I am), Kal has two strikes.

Don't worry, I'll explain which baseball game Kal's losing this time. The game I'm talking about is "Let's Find Out Who's Impersonating Me!"

Strike One was 27 December. Kal points his sausage finger at respected Korffer David Biedny.
Not just points his finger, but accuses Biedny of being behind the fake Facebook page, then reports him to the police!!!

After a few days of threatening David, Kal realized his foolishness. Kal removed the accusation from his site (the above was from Google cache). If you don't remember, there's plenty of Google cache, plus someone copy/pasted his 'press release' into these KoK comments.

Strike Two was just yesterday. Kal now accuses respected Korffer JimmyD as his Suspect #1:

This also is wrong. I know, because I know I am not JimmyD. Take my word for it, Kal.

What's Next, Kal?

On 27 December (see black screen above), Kal gives 2 facts:
  • Kal will never have a Facebook page. ----------- Does he now? Yes!
  • Kal will publish the identify of "Kult of Kal." ---- Did he? No!

Kal, really, stop guessing.
You didn't recognize me at the tram stop.
You don't know me.
I'm just another guy ... another non-fan. (You have many.)

Kal -- Batter Up!!!

(oooooh, I'm getting bold, aren't I?)

p.s. This is my favorite post in a loooooong time.

-kult of kal


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

F1 Racer, Squonk ... time to return to the fray? See if we can drive the chubby little nutjob over the edge this time...?

Kalvin - admit publicly and comprehensively that you screwed Mr S*dl*c*k and apologize completely and publicly. Then I'll leave you alone. Just the way you did to Art Bell all those years ago.


Squank-O-matix said...

Heck Jimmy, I'm looking forward to those new video broadcasts, with Kal K. Korff wearing his SAPSTOE costume and some sort of caption on the screen identifying the location as YS3 Headquarters in Geneva or Tel Aviv. How about Reykjavík? That sounds like a good neutral place for a civilian paramilitary organization with global authority to have a field office. He could make up a banner that says SAPSTOE SECRAT HEDQUARTERS.

I miss that Israeli and US flag set too, which is visual proof of Kal K. Korff's dual citizenship and explains why Israeli officials are getting involved in the concerns of a US expatriate living in Prague. I also think that Kal K. Korff's reputation and sway with Czech police and US Embassy handlers will be increased exponentially if he wears his fur hat with the badge on it and that uniform hodgepodged of different civilian camo patterns with cheap army surplus material. Plus a few badges of some sort (a mixture of US Marshall's, Interpol, Mossad, etc) and rank insignia worn incorrectly. That is always a very convincing touch!

His video broadcasts are always impressive too, and they really are broadcasts, you know, because it says right there on YouTube BROADCAST YOURSELF, and Kal even chose a "broadcaster" label for his account, its right there on his channel page, we can all see it. So to say he is NOT a broadcast professional would be a lie. I hope that Kal K. Korff shares all of his video broadcasts with Czech authorities -- EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM -- there's a lot of interest in them for anybody wishing to ascertain Kal K. Korff's real frame of mind.

Daniela_Abrahamova said...

Has the retard pronounced on Mossad's recent capers in Dubai? I don't dare visit his malware-ridden site anymore...

Anonymous said...

I'm ahppy again. This blog is getting heated up! Yeah!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Kal Korff seems to be the one who gets heated up once in a while. You just have to hit him in the right spot. Of course he can't be bothered too much responding to all the criticism because he's too busy writing his 6 volume books series 'Secret Wars', soon to be published by Prometheous, and his DVD on the Billy Meier case, soon to be released, and being the editor of a new Czech newspaper. Oh, and the Phd thesis too. And oh yes, riding the trams to the police station and the American embassy. That takes time!


Anonymous said...

Kalvin - you deleted the original video that's playing in the background here - - in which you vowed to "nail" OJ Simpson.

Why did you delete that video? And how goes the quest to bring OJ to justice?

Also - what's up with the new English-language newspaper that you were supposed to be editing? I scan the newstands every day, but so far to no avail...

"Chubby little loser...lying piece of sh&t..."

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I see that at the top of his website, the “Colonel” is now offering “very unique products” (as opposed to only slightly unique) for sale. These are “designed to help people Think Critically”. One of these items is a piece of ladies’ thong underwear bearing a photo of one of Billy Meier’s fake UFOs and the legend inscribed underneath: “Explanation of Meier hoax photo goes here.” Great salesman that he is, “KalIsrael” doesn’t indicate how one can actually order an “Explanation of Meier hoax photo goes here” thong, but he does say that "If you have any questions, please email us at:”.

I was thinking that it might be fun for someone to attempt to actually order and pay for one of these. I’m not actually living in the Czech Republic these days (I’m sure that Mossad and the local constabulary have me in their sights though), so it might be a little expensive for me...

Oh, and by the way, "Colonel" – a propos of your recent posting on this site, when have I ever "confessed" to being a "Jew hater"? You mad, lying piece of shit...?

You are scum, Korff. Vermin. But like I said before: admit in detail to your treatment of Mr. S*dl*c*k, and apologize for this behavior publically and in full, and I’ll leave you alone.

Anonymous said...

I'll have one of your "very unique Billy Meier g-strings, please, Kalvin! I'm desperate to learn how to think critically.

Will you take a check?


Anonymous said...

Quick question, Kalvin - why did you leave it until the end of February to bring out your "must have" calendar?

You fucking tool...

B.Hudson said...

Like Don Quixote, Kal continues charging windmills...

Lord he is a mess.

I love how he uses his supposed conversion to Judaism to act as if every sleight against him is a hate crime.

If I were Jewish (which I'm not, just like Paul Kimball is not no matter how many times Kal claims he is) I'd be pretty pissed off.

Jerry's dentist converted for the jokes. Kall "converted" (which Temple/Rabbi led this conversion again? No answer? Typical.) for the ass cover.

Anonymous said...

Hudson, you're so right. It seems our favorite Krack Pot will do anything to further along and move along his flaccid interests.

After making grandiose proclamations and not following through with any of them (I wait with faded breath for February 28th and this new Meier information... for free! Oh boy) our Man-Boy moves on with lightening speed to the next issue of (self) importance; fueled by an ego which seems to me to be the size of his lies upon lies. You go

Kal, you go little pug.


Anonymous said...

Way off topic, but here's an offer for Kal.
The rock music group Aerosmith will be playing at the 02 Arena in Prague on July 1, 2010 at about 8 PM. One member of the tour is a first cousin of Paul Kimball. He can supply up to 4 free tickets to the show. If you'd like to see what REAL people do to be 'famous', call Martina and take her to the show. I can arrange to get the free tickets for you. Not joking.


Paul Kimball said...


Alas, if only I was in Prague to snag those tickets from my cousin! :-)


Anonymous said...

Another fucking deadline missed by this lozer

Come Kal, get with it...


Anonymous said...

Off Pugs site:

Lawyers have CLEARED this devastating, historic Xpose series for public release.

Available for FREE PUBLIC DOWNLOAD no later than March 3, 2010

Ha, ha, ha, ha!


Anonymous said...

What a fucking tool.

Anonymous said...

You guys gotta go check out Korff's "real" facebook page. Stated amoung other things:

I am a volunteer Analyst, Author, Counter-terrorism Advisor Specialist, a Kidon Unit Commander.

Education and Work College:
Various '78 Science, Information Technology

High School:
John F. Kennedy High School, Fremont. '80


There you go. The lies never stop. Much like Sean David Morton, Korff is telling the world that he went to college in 1978 or he's misleading people into confusion about this?


And now he's a volunteer against terrorism.



Anonymous said...

Also, it's funny that Korff states again that he never watch's 007 movies and that he in FACT, HATES them. Okay, fair enough.

One of his favorite movies listed on the FB site is:

You Better Not Mess with the Zohan

Please remember that Zohan is a sort of secret agent....

Okay... There's no accounting taste I suppose?


We.Are.Kult.Of.Kal said...


Ref the Aerosmith concert - will you and/or Paul's first cousin be in town? :)

I'll throw a party for anyone who's Paul's extended family.

Hell, even Aerosmith can come, too. haha

We.Are.Kult.Of.Kal said...


Sorry, dude - I should have added...if there's a party to be had, you're more than invited, too!


I'd tell you the location, but you'll probably know it before I do. ;)

Squantik-OOOO-matic said...

Like anyone else using Facebook to deceive, Little Kalvin Korff uses a picture from 1993 for his profile, lies about his education and employment status, and refers to himself as the leader of an assassination squad.

What IS it with the mentally ill that compels them to claim to be part of super secret clandestine agencies? Can't we encounter just one deluded fuckwit who doesn't claim to be a trained assassin or leading a nanobot army or having a background in law enforcement? Every fucking two-bit maniac out there says they have ties to the Mossad. Its like, if you want to find out of a person is lying just ask if they have anything to do with Israeli intelligence.

The best part is that he is a VOLUNTEER now. Stealing valor from battlefield veterans of the war on terror wasn't enough, now Little Kalvin in his dress-up make believe army man uniform has to make himself into a martyr who has volunteered his free time to protect the civilized world from UFO frauds when he could be masturbating to online pornography or whatever else Little Kalvin Korff might be doing with his quality time.

After all, he is an employee of, and one has to wonder what he pays himself, what with all of that revenue a free website hosted on a free server using free templated web pages that offer nothing of marketable value can generate. One look at Kalvin's fanciful description of himself is all that anybody with a shit detector switched on would need to know that he is lying, unemployed, and has no prospects or education, probably broke and leading a marginal existence that is defined by the arrival of handouts from his parents.

Like any other Facebook poseur Little Kalvin Korff's page is laden with exaggerations, lies, distortions, youthful photographs, and tons of "friends" to validate his narcissism. Little Kalvin's goal there will likely be the same as everywhere else he goes, which will be to set people at odds with each other, create disharmony and bad feelings, and revel in the chaos of fucking up other people's lives to the extent that his already is.

If Facebook wasn't a sewer before it surely is now. This is even more reason to avoid using it at all.

Anonymous said...

I love your posts, Squonkie. All power to your pen.

Anonymous said...

You are lying scum, "Colonel".

Anonymous said...

How do I get into Kalvin's facebook page without leaving a trail that will lead him back to me?

I haven't really been paying attention to this Facebook stuff...

Anonymous said...

My favorite Squank line to date:

"Little Kalvin's goal there will likely be ...(to) revel in the chaos of fucking up other people's lives to the extent that his already is.

Anonymous said...

"The best part is that he is a VOLUNTEER now."

But that's his whole schtick - Kalvin has to match the actions and accomplishments of his enemies.

Thus, when Kevin Randle is promoted to Major, Kalvin has to be promoted to Colonel. Maj. Randle is a reserve (i.e. volunteer) soldier, so that's how Kalvin has to present himself, too.

In the same way, Kimball is a filmmaker, so Kalvin bills himself as one, too. Kimball pays tribute to his friend Mac, Kalvin has to pay tribute to some guy he hasn't set eyes on for years and years (although, of course, Kalvin's eulogy is in fact all about himself and his enemies).

Biedny is a bona fide scholar, so that's what Kalvin sets himself up to be, too.

And on and on we go.

Anonymous said...

Good one Jimmy D.

Come on Korff, it's the 4th, or
5th depending on where you are located and we have no free Meier material to jack off over.


You can't be trusted.


Anonymous said...

Off FaceBook today:

Kal Korff

Hi, I just posted screenshots of the next 24 books I have coming out, plus six more which are due out later this year. The new 24 books series exposes the infamous Meier UFO cult in Switzerland, nailing this guy who claims to be the "Prophet" after Jesus and Muhammad, and then there are six more books coming out on Isl...amofascism and terrorism, called Secret X Wars.

The Unknown Korffer said...

This just in, Kal! Your fellow UFO Watchdog Hall Of Shame colleague Sean David Morton seems to be in a bit of trouble, for real this time:

Looks like Morton didn't bother with the chump change in the iPod sales racket and went for the big bucks.

Stop_LYING_Korff!!! said...

"BREAKING NEWS! It's OFFICIAL - Col. Kal Korff Becomes Editor of New Czech Daily Newspaper"

Hmmmm. You posted this on 22 January, "Colonel":

Can we have an update, please?

Don Ecker said...

Today, March 5th, I was totally flabbergasted by a notification I received from FaceBook. Guess who requested I be "friends" with them? Can ya guess? Huh? Can ya? Kal Korff sent ME a "friends" request. I mean, he's gotta be kidding, RIGHT? As if ... Hell, if he and I were WAYyyyy out in the desert, 1000 miles from ANY WATER SOURCE, and he "self-combusted" I doubt I would even piss on him to put out the fire ... ya know?
To confirm this friend request, follow the link below:

Anonymous said...

Seems like Kal is now the 'desperate' one. He'll try anything to get some publicity. I'm sure he would like to be a guest on Don Ecker's radio show. Maybe even co-host it, as Paul Kimball is now doing on the Paracast show, subbing for David Biedny.
But then again, he's probably too busy with his Phd thesis, his new 24 book series, as editor of the new newspaper, his 'soon-to-be-released' DVD, etc., etc.
Too bad he can't afford a 2-bit used camcorder to continue his 'reality TV' series on YouTube. Now that would garner some interest!


Anonymous said...

p.s. -
A little fun at Kal's expense.
If you go to YouTube and search 'Corbettaveband', you'll see videos of a small church group doing their thing. The lead vocalist in the center just happens to be Paul Kimball's aunt. The guitar player behind and to the right is a cousin of Paul's. Another cousin will be touring Europe this summer with the the rock group Aerosmith, including a performance in Prague.
Seems like that sort of thing far outweighs anything Kal has done lately.

Paul Kimball said...

I got a note from Kevin Randle saying that he too had received a Facebook friend invitation from Korff.

Mine must have gotten lost in the Inter-ether. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Kalvin - could I have a facebook invite too?

My email is:

Many thanks in advance, retard.

Anonymous said...

....perhaps we might take up a collection to purchase a cheap you tube video camera for Korff to use......

Anonymous said...

I friended Korff. Why? Because I like to keep up with what he's claiming for myself and I won't have to go to his shity little template site as often....

I love to hate the guy...


Anonymous said...

What a stupid, stupid man you are, Kal.

Daniela said...

What a stupid, stupid man you are, Kal.

Kult of Kal said...

Gee, I'm still waiting on my Facebook invite, too.

Do you think if I befriend Kal on Facebook as "Kal", then the whole space-time continuum could rip apart?

Or at least he'll have a sissy fit?

Which would be more entertaining?

Brit_in_Prague said...

Where is the new English language newspaper, Kalvin? You know - the one you PROMISED us. The one whose editor you PROMISED you would be?

This is a perfectly fair question, retard.

Anonymous said...

Posted on Kal's site

Kal Korff's Facebook "Friends" Jumps from 93 to 99 PDF Print E-mail
News - Latest
Written by Kal Korff, op ed. on the road
Sunday, 07 March 2010 00:10

Dear World,

As I continue to get in touch with long lost friends and acquaintances, I am honored that respected UFO researcher (and a very credible person) Mr. Philip Mantle has accepted me as a "friend" on facebook, as well as Tina Vasquez, an old friend from high school was "married" to in our school class as a Senior — I would also like to thank Eric Sugg and Linda Meissner for adding me to their "friends" list. Eric is a longtime friend from Apple/Claris and so is Linda Meissner, one of the smartest females I have ever met who uses Windows PCs, we used to work together in Tech Support.

Lastly, I have sent a "friend" invitation to Major Kevi Randle of The Scandals of Kevin Randle fame, let's see if Randle accepts. While I have no idea, this will prove to be interesting. I'll keep my theory on this to myself for now, but have already noted my "prediction" and the reasons why for my upcoming thesis work on human belief systems and gullibility and misleading the public.

I'd hate to have Randle change whatever decision he chooses to make and run the risk of spiking the results of my study which exposes him and his claims as a fraud. There's nothing wrong with "agreeing to disagree," and if Randle doesn't like being exposed for making FALSE claims (when he is not lying, such as claiming that "Catholic Nuns" saw the Roswell object fall to Earth), then Randle should say such things.

Randle's GREATEST LIE is when he claims that the U.S. military runs around and "threatens to murder Roswell eyewitnesses."

Most UFO nuts don't even believe in this lie, yet no one except us calls Randle on the carpet for lying and deliberately deceiving consumers, while promoting the phony Roswell myth for profit and ego.

Anonymous said...

That guy is sick, sick, sick!

The Unknown Korffer said...

The last desperate cry of a complete loser: Bragging publicly about who's on your friend list. Kal Korff is also keeping right in step with the longstanding tradition of internet predators trying to use batches of old acquaintances they haven't seen for fifteen years as proof that they have active social lives. Kal, it doesn't work.

Anonymous said...

Kal should take a look at Paul Kimball's Facebook page. I'm a "friend" of his, although we've never met in person - I respect his work. He has over 1,100 friends, inclusing eminent scientists like Michio Kaku and David Grinspoon.

Good luck, Kal, getting either of those two gentlemen to accept a friend request!

In the meantime, I wonder if poor Tina Vasquez realizes that she's become a pawn in Kal's little game / circus?

Squompkomaststic said...

Oh what the hell! LMAO Kalvin, you are a laugh riot. Kal Facebook is OVER, bro! History. You're about two years too late, even my mom ditched Facebook and started gardening again. But I can tell you're having fun -- and taking it seriously enough to actually post news bulletins on how you are using the people you've encountered on there to try and make yourself look less creepy & incoherent. Let's take a look at a short section:

I'll keep my theory on this to myself for now, but have already noted my "prediction" and the reasons why for my upcoming thesis work on human belief systems and gullibility and misleading the public.

LOL! a little Freudian slip of admitting your own guilt as an unemployed dispossessed pit of seething jealousy there? I sure hope Kal plans to integrate his YouTube videos to his little Facebook fraud operation for all of his renewed long lost friends who ditched him 15+ years ago to enjoy. Wait until Ms. Vasquez sees Kalvin K. Korff pretending to be broadcasting from YS3 headquarters in Geneva while presenting himself as a a Kidon Unit Commander who has deployed nanobot components in the operational field in the war on terror, where he holds the rank of Colonel after volunteering to fight terrorism, communism, UFO frauds, and overpriced Apple product retailers.

I'd pay good money to see the look cross her face when she sees Kalvin K. Korff bedecked in his make believe SAPSTOE uniform while talking to himself on camera, sitting alone in an empty room, pretending to be answering questions from a rapt audience or humbled interviewer, raving on mindlessly about sheriff's deputies, psyop tactics, endless visits to the post office to mail off harassing documents to court workers merely doing their jobs, hanging around the US Embassy, fostering infantile conflicts with respectable professionals while gurgling nonstop about Billy Meier, UFOs, weapons of mass destruction, and David Biedney, preferably with one of those classic hats on. Sounds like somebody better start deleting some YouTube content before anybody important starts looking in!

Wait until she Googles ROYCE MEYERS III to find out what the hell your problem with him is, Kal :D Good luck keeping the lid on that can of worms. Welcome to the double edge of social networking, too! You can fool people for a while and maybe bully some into keeping quiet a bit longer. But see, if they care, eventually these renewed long lost former posse members of yours are going to wonder what you really do for a living, where & how you actually live, why Prague of all places, if you really are publishing 24 volumes of books, why you would think that you were, what this thesis crap is all about, and what the fucking hell the Super Duper Services are supposed to be. Who knows? They might even end up reading this blog!

Better start thinking up a way to isolate those targets real quick, Kal! Sternly tell them they shouldn't be reading things about you that you didn't write yourself, or emailing the wrong people asking for their side because they are just going to tell lies. Everything anybody needs to know about you is right there on your website where you control the flow of information. Make sure they know anything else is a lie and you are the only person with any credibility with your colonel's wings worn upside down. Don't let them compare notes about you either when they start asking each other "What's up with Kal? Why does he refer to himself in the third person when emailing? And what's the deal with all the excessive quotation marks in everything he writes?" I've even got a motto for you once people start asking what the hell is going on: "No Google searches and no questions."

Anonymous said...

On the money, as always, Squonkie.

You never cease to disgust me, "Colonel".

Anonymous said... continues to get really bad for Kevin Randle....

Anonymous said...

Direct quote from Kal. Posted today on Facebook:
Kal Korff: I joined the Facebook group Fuck Men!, to try to "encourage" these bitter women NOT to hate. They make false claims such as "Why do ALL men think they can play girls and get away with it." I posted this: Kal Korff Without MEN, NO WOMAN would exist, without women, NO MEN would exist. Get it? We were created to get along and live in peace and harmony. Too many people "forget" this to the detriments of their existence.
16 hours ago.
Kal has spoken! LOL


Anonymous said...

he is desperate for new people to interact with even if he has to try to get a rise out of them to take notice. especially women. he is a loser, this is the best that losers can do.

Anonymous said...

Well, I send him at least one email a week asking - in perfectly civil tones - a question or two. (For example: Where is the new English language newspaper you promised us?) But Kalvin never ever "interacts" with (i.e. replies to) me.

Tom Carey said...

....I CAN'T WAIT to receive my new 'Critical Thinkers iPad'!!!!!


Dot Joss

Anonymous said...

You are vial, Korff. Udder vermin.


B.Hudson said...


Kal has taken another sip of the Kool-Aide and is back to his old tricks again! Oh, how I have longed for Kal to return to his batshit-insane ways. The Billy Meier "24 Volume Expose" has now become a "26 Volume Expose", is being distributed by what I can only assume is a non-existent web site (Google certainly hasn't heard of any "PadNet" other than in the medical industry), and Michael Horn has been threatened with a lawsuit! Oh how I pray that Mikey will post whatever he is sent from Kal's "lawyer". I only hope it's as fun to read as the documents in Kal's brother's appeal were.

Kal has also jumped on David Biedny, Gene Steinberg, and the Paracast for being the new hosts of UFO watchdog (even though David is not part of the show at this time), and there are veiled legal threats, plus another promise of a video showing Kal reporting David to the police.

And did I mention the gratuitous shot at Kevin Randle for, allegedly, having a Ph.D. from a "degree mill"? And the free UFO watchCat "web browser" (Now with 45% MORE virus'!!)?

Good times, good times, bonkers Kal is BACK!!!

Brad Hudson (not one of Kal's 133 Facebook friends)
Dallas, Texas

Yes, Kal, I am BACK! I knew you couldn't stay semi-sane for long, you old dog, you!

Anonymous said...

Lord, how I loathe you, Korff.

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