Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Special Agent Korff Strikes Again

FBI Coming Again huh Kal?
As Kal so often does, he threatens and threatens and threatens.

Now, Special Agent Kal Korff has sent me and my wrong-doings to the FBI.

Has anyone come to haunt me? Ah, no.
Has his Facebook page been yanked off? Ah, no.
Has Kal learned anything? Ah, no.

Nothing has happened, and I don't expect anything to happen.

UPDATE: A fellow Korffer (whose opinions I respect quite a bit) offered me his take on my naming the fellow I had words with on Facebook. In short, I've taken his name down. Also, I'm given some serious reconsideration to how I'm actively campaigning against KKK. (Even more to the point, to who's level am i stooping?)

Kal's (Helplessly Ignorant) Victim #2314
Oh, and by the way, I have to call this guy out. All I can say is, what a douchebag!
He befriended me (Kal) on Facebook and is obviously a HUGE cum-stained fan of KKK. His private messages to me were filled with questions I wouldn't dare repeat or answer.

But, once I posted the first Kult of Kal video on Facebook, Mr. Helplessly Ignorant Victim (HIV for short) #2314 went apeshit.

Here are a few of Mr. HIV's private and public comments to me: (pardon his great spelling)
  • "OK SO YOUR NOT KAL!!!! You are just pretending to be thats reel cool!! I don't know who you are and I dont know Kal but I do like his work. I see you are trying to make kal out to be like this bad person but from an outsiders point it looks sort of petty and in the end YOU whoever you are the problem not Kal"
  • "O by the way don't try fucking with me pretending your Kal OK!!!!"
  • "THIS IS NOT KAL KORFF. dude I don't worship nobody."
  • "this guy is going to take down all my posts so people cant reed them he's not Kal"

Okay, that last one was absolutely true. I deleted each of his comments and then politely popped the little weasel off my friends list.


Anonymous said...


Got two words of advice for you: spell checker.


Anonymous said...

"Kal's sister"...?

Can you share with us some of her thoughts on her genius-level IQ bro?

Anonymous said...

Kal might not have to threaten so much if Bozos like you would stop irritating him with ridiculous stabs of erroneous bullshit.

Anonymous said...

How is poor Kal threatened by us Bozos? He is the only person responsible for all this bullshit! So fuck off Josiah, Kal or whoever you are. Your a complete and UDDER Dicknose!

We.Are.Kult.Of.Kal said...

Jimmy D,

About Kal's sister, it's pretty clear she's a fan/supporter as well.

She responds to the videos with "wow, those guys are really bad at editing!"

(hmmm...should I take personal offense to that? ah, no)

Anonymous said...

I say, leave it up and keep it up. We need more confirmation that Korff's threats amount to NOTHING.


Anonymous said...

I wanna know when Paul Kimball's movie is coming out. Anyone any idea? It was due in November, I believe...

B.Hudson said...

I think it was, but he had a couple of other projects at that time and the Mac Tonnies died right at the very end of October. I know he and Paul were really good friends and it affected him quite a bit.

It also might be a case of Paul hasn't finalized distribution and what not and can't say anything until that is worked out.

I know the movie exists as there have been a select few who have seen a cut of it (KIAI, perhaps?)

I'd say it's one of those "we'll see it when we see it" things.

Kal's turn into politics has made things pretty boring, although the recent spate of threats and FBI reports that 2010 may indeed be "The Year Korffing Came Back"


Squonk-O-matic said...

It is inevitable that at some point an internet predator like Kalvin Korff would start using Facebook as a forum on which to search out new targets. An exposure page on there alerting users to who & what Kal K. Korff really is would have a legitimate purpose. Links back to this & the other exposure sites, tracking of his most hysterical & revealing YouTube postings, all of that could serve a purpose in helping to warn people off from getting involved with Kalvin.

Anonymous said...

I think I am going to make a Kal Korff E-Harmony entry@!

F1 Racer

Anonymous said...

WTF it looks like Kal LEGIT signed up for facebook now!!!

F1 Racer

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