Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Michael Horn Speaks!

Wow, what a great letter from Michael Horn: click here to go to it.

My favorite part is the link to this info.

You all know Michael Horn as the guy with whom Kal Korff alleges to have partnered with to produce some double-set of DVDs. Michael clearly sets the record straight -- no, no, no.

It's hilarious to read. I only wish I could see Kal's face when he reads it. I'm sure we'll hear plenty of retort from the King of Shite soon enough.

Anyone want to take any bets on how Kal reacts? I predict 3 options:
  1. Kal screams to his public "Michael Horn is a liar!!"
  2. Kal replies with "Production may be delayed, due to some covert operations in Korffistan."
  3. Kal quietly replies to Michael Horn with "You're a LIAR!!"

Enjoy - keep korffing. Kal Korff is an insane lunatic. "...and you can quote me on that."


Anonymous said...

What really stuns me is that Michael had to consult Ptaah about Kal. WTF? Michael must be an a-one tool to have taken kal seriously in the first place, especially since Kal had been talking about nailing Billy for consumer fraud forever.

Anonymous said...

This blog is starting to ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I have a number of exchanges with Horn as well. I was just going to send him another e-mail for an update but you beat me to it.

Korff responded to Horn's action on his template site.

Nothing to report... same old Korff shit.

Hey Korff, nobodies going to buy your shit. I'll read it for FREE but I ain't buying shit from you.


Anonymous said...

Well, pardon me, but from that letter it is clear that Horn is as cuckoo as the "Colonel".

Anonymous said...

So Kal is a little upset about Horn pulling out of his joint DVD production project.
Reminds me of a certain event about 15 months ago when Mr. Korff pulled out of a planned on-air debate with Kevin Randle at the last minute.
I guess what goes around comes around!


Anonymous said...


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