Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Banal and Facile, a Fat Waste of Space"

On the KIAI blog, esteemed Korffer "Brit_in_Prague" posted this video.

What does it have to do with Kal? If you're asking, you haven't watched it yet.
Ricky Gervis' character is Kal (at least for this episode anyway).

The lyrics are priceless. Okay, I'll admit, I looked up the definitions for both "banal" and "facile" in the dictionary. But that only makes me laugh louder now when I watch it.

Just in the remote chance you want to double-check your understanding, here you are:
banal: boringly commonplace and predictable
facile: lacking depth; taking little effort; lazy

I have to seriously wonder if Brit_in_Prague isn't on the production staff of Extras, the song just suits Kal that well. Nice find, Brit -thanks!


Anonymous said...

Kult - please copy and repost the latest two (fresh off the laptop cam) YouTube offerings from the "Colonel" before he wakes up and deletes them.

KIAI said...

I love it!! That video si far too hilarious and spot on about that dopey Kal K. Korff guy. ahahahahaa

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