Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Google Wave Invites Released

Last Friday, I offered 8 Google Wave invites to anyone who sent in a picture or video poking some fun at our favorite Kernal Korff. It's Wednesday today, with 2 days left. Results so far: 1 picture.

I hate to sound disillusioned, but it seems our KIAI / KoK community is dead (or extremely sleepy). Or, at least extremely one-sided. What's your take on it?

Not being someone to back away from my word, I went ahead and sent off 5 of my 8 available invites. So, I picked the most active commenters from both blogs.
I did it this way because, with only two days left in this half-assed contest, I've had 1 submission. Yeah, if you ask me, I do think that's sad. (To think I had expected only 4 or 5....damn, even my pessimism wasn't pessimistic enough.)

I sent off invites to the following 5 names (& whose e-mails I have:) Squonkamatic, Jimmy, Brad, Digger and the dude who sent in this Bozo picture:

I would send one to "Anonymous," but I don't have his e-mail....hehe.

Anyway, later, -kult.

p.s. To the dude who sent in the Bozo picture, please know I had to clean coffee off my keyboard.

p.p.s. Anyone who spotted the obscure movie reference in my "dead, or extremely sleepy" quip - a big "AttaBoy" to you! :)

p.p.p.s. Yes, if by Friday I get a 2nd picture or video, of course, I'll be happy to get rid of the remaining 3 invites. And, of course, I highly fucking doubt anyone will send anything, let alone do I believe anyone is actually reading this post. Time to get more coffee.


Squank-A-matic said...

That picture is creepy, twisted, and disturbing. I haven't had any interest in Korffing for a while, its funny how life pops everything into perspective every once in a while and Kalvin K. Korff matters about as much as the old leaves still tracked into the back hall. It pisses me off to look at them and I wish they'd go away but who cares, really.

Squonk-0-matic said...

Which by the way wasn't meant to take anything away from your blogging efforts. Its nice to know that someone's keeping up the front trench somewhere. But I just, I mean seriously. A Kidon Unit Commander SAPSTOE colonel in an Israeli founded private international organization which exists only in a series of YouTube videos. The guy's a fruitcake and a waste of time.

Anonymous said...

Google "Kal Korff" and this blog comes second in the list of search results.
So this blog provides a very useful service: if anyone were to to check Korff out before investing - emotionally, financially or otherwise - in his udder bullshit, a simple Google search would quickly set them straight.
That said, Korff has, for me, become almost an obsession ... and an unhealthy one at that. So I agree with Squonk that I shouldn't be wasting so much time on this nutjob.
I believe that you should keep posting, from time to time, as the mood grabs you; and that we should keep reacting to your posts - from time to time, as the mood grabs us. Just doing that will serve to keep up this blog's Google rating.
But anything beyond that - no (at least, from my point of view).

Anonymous said...

...which does not go to say, "Colonel" that for what you did to Mr Sedlacek (one of the kindest men I have ever met) I do not loathe you from the bottom of my being...

You are scum.

Anonymous said...

FN here. I too have grown tired of the loon. I think there really is enough on this blog and the others to warn the consumer.... that Kalvin is a fucking nut job... I will never quite Korffing, but my output will be directly influenced by Korff's actions, of which there really hasn't been much lately... and what there has been, has been so lame it doesn't need a response.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I think this new photo should be the image for this blog, for a time at least.


Brit_in_Prague said...

Sorry - accidentally posted the following on the KIAI site, believing that I was posting here. For the record, I believe that KoK is the KK blogsite of record these days:

Here we go again: “Sports Illustrated Debuts eReader SIMILAR to Upcoming eReader by CriticalThinkers and Kal Korff”

“Sports Illustrated has released a concept preview of a new eReader which is eerily similar to the upcoming eReader CriticalThinkers and Kal Korff will be releasing for the expose DVD on the Billy Meier UFO hoax, and Korff's Secret X Wars six book series on terrorism.”

Read all about it here:

Oh, and by the way, “Colonel” – I was anxious to sign up in time to take advantage of the special offer on “The historic joint dual DVD project on the Billy Meier UFO contact case, The Great Billy Meier Debate, featuring Michael Horn and Kal Korff”, but when I clicked on “click here” to order, all I got was a bunch of gibberish.

I further note that all mention of this debate has been deleted from your website. (Go here - - and then click on the second link down, which is as dead as a doornail).

Why is that, you lunatic?

Chubby little loser, national joke; see his pugnose face ...

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