Friday, November 27, 2009

Google Wave - Making Kal Seasick

Slightly off-topic here...have you ever heard of Google Wave?

If you haven't, I won't scream you must be living under a rock. But, it is a cool innovation by that techno behemoth Google. Imagine a cross between e-mail, instant messaging, and some team collaboration software -- and that's Google Wave. If you're still unsure, well... Google it.

The real meat of the story is, I'm using Google Wave and I was given 8 invitations, or Google Wave invites to pass on to others. Since Kult of Kal is my separate identity from my real life, I won't be spreading these invites to my real life friends (yes, Kal, I have real friends unlike yourself). So, I'm saving all 8 invites to my "Kult of Kal life" friends.

I could say the first 8 requests I get, I'll hand them an invite, but that's no fun.

So, here's the deal:
1. Make a picture or video that's clearly anti-Kal
2. Send your picture or video to me at
3. Do this by next Friday, 4 December 2009.
4. I'll post all on the blog (cited anonymously) -- and you all judge the best.

You know what will happen, right? They'll be 4 or 5 people (max) who submit anything ... and that's cool with me. I'm just looking for some input for this blog. ;)

------ Submission updates------
Pictures: 1 Videos: 0


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I dunno, Kult. In the days when I obsessed over Kalvin's Metropolitni expres nonsense, I used to download PDFs of the newspaper and print out the offending pages to send to his editors.
But in those days, I wasn't tech-savvy or -equipped enough to digitally cut out his pages and save them and take them with me when I left the job I was doing at that time.
What a mistake that was - I could have kept everyone entertained for the next year with his numerous howlers. The great Pearl Harbor saga, the graphic photo he posted of a bungee jumper literally crapping himself with fear, his many inscrutable sayings (Remember "English is a literal language", anyone?).
But as it is, I don't have anything new to send you. I will send you a "Kal is an idiot" photo from my upcoming skiing holiday, but will try to come up with something else.

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