Friday, September 25, 2009

Poll Results (How do you know Kal?)

I had a poll up for about two months; the poll closed a week ago. Got 20 responses.
Granted this isn't a popular site, but I'd bet the distribution is right, even at this micro-scale.

My question was this: Where did you first experience Kal?

And here are the results:
Prague ---------------- 25%
Seattle ---------------- 0%
Oregon ---------------- 5%
Kal's Kalifornia days --- 5%
Kal's UFO efforts ------ 65%
Kal childhood (ick!) ---- 0%

There you have it - with the exception of 2 people, 90% of people heard of Kal from his UFO debunker efforts or his wasted decade in Prague.

Kal...let me spell this out for you. No one paid attention to your LLNL lies. No paid attention to your JFK lies. Some people are still bitter about your bullshit English column in the now defunct "Express" paper. But most people know of you because of your UFO ("it's so great, it's in paperback") book.

You suck. If you want to return to stardom (HAHAHAHAHAHA), then consider returning to Switzerland. Hey, maybe you co-produce a DVD with ...oh, wait, nevermind - Mikey Horn already responded "Ahh, no."

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