Friday, September 25, 2009

KIAI - We Miss You. I'm Stepping This Up.

To the "Kal Is An Idiot" blog,
We miss you. For over a year, we've had a place to hear you rant and rave about Kal Korff's stupid, banal and facile, ass-clown antics. In return, we fill your comments section, showing support for all you said.
But after several months, you needed a rest. And again, after a year, the ranting got to be too much. Indeed, we realize only Kal himself can spew hate so naturally and persistantly. For Kal alone, it actually gives him energy to hate others, while for us humans it takes our energy away.
(Am I sounding too poetic or too here?)

Kal, you're a fucking moron. A pathetic waste of space, waste of air and a drain on the earth's resources. Your family is far from proud of you and everyone who meets you is repulsed by you.
I personally have met some fine people through KIAI and this effort. But I can't say it's been entirely worthwhile having to become familiar with you to do so. I want to walk away, but I feel some ...duty to stay in.

KIAI, it seems, even after declaring a month's rest, you've decided to rest indefinately. We miss you and we want you back. You've got us getting more and more restless for your work.

KIAI, we're hoping you return any day now. But until you return, I will make a decent effort to close the gap.

Kal, you suck. I'm going to say that often, so you'd better get used to it.


Anonymous said...

FN Here,

I have no issues using this site, the other site, whatever. The point is, is to keep the pressure on El Kolon so he blows his gaskets as much as possible.

I'm on board wherever this takes place.

Korff on!


Anonymous said...

Tally Ho....

SquonkOmatic said...

Carrying over from the KIAI blog, go ahead and expose me if you like Kalvin, it would probably benefit my career as an artist if you did so. Getting one's name in print is always a WIN-WIN, as you call them, at the stage I am at, and a bit of controversy in the press always helps to enhance that "bad boy" image art world sycophants respond so well to. Be a pleasure, and if you need some digitized slides of recent exhibitions, student work from my drawing class and a current curriculum vitae please feel free to leave a message here. Dumbass.

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