Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Making Contact with his Contacts

So, some insight into what I've been up to.
At the beginning of September (after a month of "radio silence" on KIAI), I started contacting people who were subscribed to Kal's youtube channel. (No, I don't mind Kal knowing this fact).

I told them I'm fascinated by people actually interested in Kal.
I ask how and why. I want to know more about his "base."

Surprisingly to me, people responded.
I'm learning, a lot of people are just curious, subscribing haphazardly to something that interests them with little motivation to unsubscribe once they satisfy their curiosity.

Until now.

In general, people wrote back with:"I don't know...he's strange."
Or "he confuses me..."
Or "I subscribed to Kal Korfs channel because I didn´t undestand his videos and I wanted to find out more."

But the best response: people are unsubscribing.
Yeah, his numbers are fewer now. And I figure if I do this again (and if others, too), then more of his friends/subscribers are likely to drop from his channel rather than risk being questionned for it.

I just had to share that. :-)
-- especially with you, Kal.

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