Friday, July 17, 2009

New Video for Korffers

Just finished my latest video. As esteemed Korffer "FN" noticed, the video pits Kal's own information against him.

Damn, I really enjoy making this things!


Anonymous said...

Really like the video, I think the sing along portion would benefit from a "follow the bouncing ball" effect on Sir David Bowie's lyrics.

just an idea, otherwise -- perfecto

Squonkamatic said...

I just realized he was wearing his duck hunting shirt during the Sermon On The Mount videos -- which makes them look even MORE like Al Queda propaganda tapes. How can someone who is supposedly a CEO of a company screw so much up so consistently?

I.Am.Kult.Of.Kal said...

Anon - great suggestion about the "bouncing ball" idea. I don't have a clue how, but I'll look into what it takes.


Anonymous said...

I like how you begin with Kal's public persona and shift to the stalker persona (also public via YouTube).

How did Kafka's Trial end?

"Like a dog."

Those images of Kal with the statues will forever haunt me. Truly bizarre.

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