Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kal Korff: a Dangerous Predator

Note: This post uses others' researched and concluded commentary direct from the KIAI blog.

Kal Korff is a dangerous predator, established by his deceitful MySpace profile, past behaviour and profiled as a registered cyberstalker.

Direct from Korff's MySpace profile:

  • Orientation: Straight
  • Income: $250,000 and more...

As Kal K. Korff is using MySpace, they seriously should be made aware that he has been identified and exposed as an online predator with an apparent interest in very young women. This is a guy who is alleged to have carried fake Mossad and Interpol badges as well. The combination of Kalvin Korff's interest in apparently underage women and his habit of impersonating law enforcement and military personnel as well as his documented cyberstalking is very troubling.

Kal's MySpace link:

Add to that this misrepresentation of his annual income as a lure for unsuspecting target/victims and we have a situation rife for abuse. Considering that he also apparently fled the United States for Czech Republic as well they should be very interested to learn more about Kalvin and his probable use of their service to stalk, harass, and abuse. He should NOT be trusted by social networking services.

Kal Korff uses YouTube to bully, harass and intimidate others with little or no justifiable provocation. He is an online predator who uses the internet as a way to attack, abuse, and try to humiliate. It's one thing when he has a fruitcake lesson on UFOs, it's another thing when he names individuals by name, relates their places of employment, and makes baseless personal charges against them that are intended to harass and create an atmosphere of abuse & intimidation.

Kal Korff also uses YouTube as a platform for his pathological lying. His claims of being a colonel, assertions that his brother is innocent of any and all crimes, and his references to make believe people like Martina Tycova are all manipulations and distortions of the truth which are intended to recruit new accomplices.

He is a dangerous online predator and psychopath who should be avoided or at least regarded as a potential threat to the stability of everyone's life who encounters him.

As for being a registered Cyberstalker or "Cyberpath", one need to look no farther than here:

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