Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Anti-Korffers are Loyal and Strong

Got a recent message from a loyal visitor (prior mystery solved, by the way) and long-time "Korffer."

I am surprised once again by how great a crowd we all are. Kudos to Kal for being such a personality that he can unite a crowd and energize them. Unfortunately for Kal, he's only capable at doing that as long as the crowd is against him.

In case anyone calls me on deleting the prior post, it was at the kind request of one of 'us.' My sincere apologies for, essentially turning the tables, causing unrest on the mystery visitor's side.

As I sit here before you, I am humbled by how cool a crowd we are, single-minded and united against a lone dimwit - Kal Korff. Banal and facile, a fat waste of space.

-kult of kal

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Anonymous said...

It is fascinating, isn't it? An author, or musician, once they gain the success they so strive to achieve, find that they actually despise their own fans; and perhaps Kal Korff, being such a negative figure, has attracted fire-flies, all of good character. I have seen nothing but good-will from all Korffers, whether it be the comforting to others whose parents are passing away, or your very nice words about meeting with paul kimball (on every account a decent and respectable man) in prague.

Or, we are just a bunch of gawking samaritans inspecting a spectacular car crash in motion.

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