Friday, October 9, 2009

Ain't That the Truth?

No commentary. I'll just post this screen capture:


Anonymous said...

Friendless and alone.

That's Kalvin. And by God, he deserves it.

Anonymous said...

Insane, friendless and alone. Thats more like it.

Squonkomatic said...

The guy is incapable of being a regular everyday human, and probably does not experience genuine emotion the way normal people do. Everything is an act or a show or a put-on or some attempt to make a point. Nothing Kalvin Korff does is human or natural or unscripted. He is the most completely phony person ever unleashed on the world. His new favorited YouTube video is Albert Gore Jr.'s speech on THE DEATH OF JOURNALISM.

How about favoriting a video of girls on the beach at spring break? Or maybe a stupid car accident video of someone ramming a drive-thru window. Something light and funny and human. Nope! ALBERT GORE JUNIOR addressing the world body on the demise of journalistic standards. WHAT FUN!

Anonymous said...

Recently posted by Kal:

"Naturally, neither David Biedny, Royce Myers III, Paul Kimball nor Desperate Don Ecker ever hold Randle accountable for his LIES, LIBELS AND SLANDERS against the fine men and women and government officials who HONORABLY serve America and do NO SUCH THING.

This charge by Randle is as bad as a blood libel, and is arguably cowardly and spits and shits on the great government of the United States."

Anonymous said...

My guess is that folks rather quickly figure out Korff is a complete narcist and that he has been working on that reputation for decades.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what motivated this latest outburst from Kal. Is it just another smug, self serving lecture? Or is he trying to butter somebody up?

The Czech Brothers - Saturday Night Live PDF Print E-mail
News - Latest
Written by Kal Korff - Op ed. on the road
Wednesday, 14 October 2009 09:33

This is a VERY popular comedy skit in the United States, which has the nickname of "The Czech Brothers." Originally from the show Saturday Night Live, this series of skits is DIRECTLY responsible for many Americans believing many myths about Czech people — specifically, that they actually act this way!

Of course they do not.

When I was a young boy in high school, I laughed at this skit just like every other American.

However, having lived in the Czech Republic off and on for a number of years now, I do NOT consider this skit to be "funny" anymore, but am including it here nonetheless because I have been asked about it by many Czechs.

The amount of BRAZEN IGNORANCE by Americans in particular about the Czech, and the great country of the Czech Republic is outright embarrassing and totally shameful.

To easily prove this, MOST Americans still call The Czech Republic "Czechoslovakia" — which is inexcusable.

Americans travel among the least of any country, not even 18% of Americans own a passport nor will they ever leave their country, the United States.

The Czech Republic is a great country, its people (Czechs) are smarter than they know, and greater than they can imagine. They certainly are NOT like the "Czechs" depicted in this video — and they never were.

If Europeans were to do this kind of skit and call it "The American Brothers," Americans would be all upset and possibly sue.

This is a double standard which can never be right.

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