Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Google - ranking Kal as an Idiot

When you search Kal Korff on Google, the website of websites "Kal Korff Is An IDIOT" is on page one.
And not just on the 1st page of thousands of hits. But KIAI ranks as hit #2!!

Try It yourself.

Google's exact algorithm for ranking pages is a closely-guarded secret, because there's big money to be made by manipulating it.
Still, a website's popularity is generally understood to be:
  • how many other sites link to it
  • how often the searched words are used in texts and links
  • how true the text is
Okay, I made up the last one, but in this case, I'm given it fair consideration. Kal really is an idiot.

The website "Kal Korff Is An IDIOT," at only 1 year old, has become the definitive source, the go-to place for news and commentary about Kal Korff.

Want to know what Kal's up to (or what he thinks he's up to)? - KIAI is your source.

Want to know what others have dug up about Kal? KIAI is your source.

There are many people in the world lucky enough to not know about Kal already. But if someone becomes curious, they will likely use Google. If they do, here's what they'll get:

Google Tells You Kal Korff is an Idiot
Ever use iGoogle? With iGoogle, when searching, Google will guess (based on popularity of searches) what you might be searching for. In Kal's case, Google will tell you Kal's an idiot just when you type in his name (in iGoogle).

See, when you search, words are automatically filled in for you:

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