Friday, April 10, 2009

My Soon-To-Be Hero: Paul Kimball

We are now only days (dare I say, hours?) away from Paul Kimball's film "Worlds Away" to be released to the public.

"Worlds Away" is a documentary about our loner hero Kal Korff. A colleague of Paul's, John Ritchie had the honour to preview it at an advance screening. John has these words to say about it: "It's quite similar to Errol Morris' classic documentary Mr. Death, in that in paints a portrait of a man - Kal Korff - who was once a 'someone' but who got lost in his own madness along the way, and now exists in a sad world of lies and delusions, a world mostly of his own making. "

What really piques my interest about the film is that Paul managed to film Kal here in Prague, without our own special secret services agent knowing about it.

Paul went so far as to win over one of Kal's own "insiders", getting first hand accounts and footage of Kal.

Hours.....I am besides myself with anticipation ("I f*cking can't wait!")

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Daniela said...

How I loathe you, "Colonel".

How I look forward to your public, long-deserved humiliation.

Take down your crappy website, your nutty YouTube posts, apologise profusely to Vojtech (whom you lied to and conned) and Mr Bartu (from whom you stole). And above all - stop LYING every time you open your trap.

Then maybe we'll leave you alone.

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