Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kal's Claims Revisited

Time has come to collect and provide an up-to-date list of Kal's claims.

The majority of these are patently false. Others - greatly exaggerated versions of the truth. Wherever there was a ounce of truth, it has since been made moot by Kal himself.

In red italics, I provide you that truth.

  • Solved John F. Kennedy's assassination (Grossly opininated retelling of others' work)
  • Signed a 500 book deal (Still undisclosed publisher, unknown timeframe -false)
  • Developed A-bomb design at grade school science fair, prompting clandestine govt visit (Grossly exaggerated, no proof of visit)
  • Invented hypertext (a.k.a. clickable Internet links ) while "an engineer at Apple" (No formal schooling in engineering; Kal as temp contractor to Apple was aware of similar project -false)
  • Worked on anti-missile Star Wars project while working for Law. Livermore Nat'l Labs (contractor for LLNL as low-level desktop support - false)
  • Converted to Judiaism (No blood link. By simple declaration. No observation of Torah or principles -false)
  • Recruited to "Special Secret Services," a military like covert organization (self-created 1-man "org")
  • Once a Captain, now promoted to Colonel in above Special Secret Services (It's his imaginative organization, so...)
  • "Official" complaint against Royce Meyers filed (Meyers confirmed no such complaint received -false)
  • $25,000,000 budget ($25 million) funded by Saudi Arabia (other "fund-raising activities" suggests No - false)
  • KPMG audit against Kevin Randle (Randle confirms no audit -false)
  • BBC interview about missile defense (No interview recorded, broadcast or archived -false)
  • Debate on X-Zone against Kevin Randle (called off by KK; still postponed)
  • Numerous lawsuits filed, criminal charges pressed (none with recent exception re: felonious brother)
  • 10,000 English phrases (stopped effort at 15 phrases)
  • TV deal (nope unless you count YouTube -false)
  • Newly syndicated column (a text table column on own website -false)
  • "Body Human Project" (not even started -false)
  • Possesses WMD proof which embarrasses the CIA and inspection chief Scott Ritter (Ask Scott Ritter. Else... - false)
  • OJ Simpson testimony (even Kal has since backpedaled on this one -false)
  • Reality TV show (see above YouTube comment -false)
  • Lectures to Israelis (no - false)
  • Interviews with the media (exaggeration made on countless occasions)
  • Chief Tech Officer position with Agentura Pro Vas (APV confirmed no such position offered -false)
  • Exclusive deal with MacZone (and as a result, Kal wanted for theft)
  • Possesses "nanobots", serially numbered for counter-surveillance use" (come on.... -false)

There you have it - Kal's claims. And a well-established pattern of bullshit tripe.

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