Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kal's Lawsuits Against Others

Kal's Lawsuits Against Others

Whenever critiqued, Kal often threatens lawsuits for "libel, slander, consumer fraud." The extent Kal Korff proceeds with lawsuits is debatable, ranging from "official papers have been filed with numerous courts, police and the FBI" (K. Korff) to idle threats (3 interviews of people targeted by Korff below).

Past lawsuits, threatened or otherwise:
* Lawsuit against Ray Santilli
* Lawsuit against Billy Meier
* Lawsuit against Michael Horn
* Lawsuit against Don Ecker
* Lawsuit against Paul Kimball
* Lawsuit against Royce Myers
* Lawsuit against David Biedny
* Lawsuit against Officer Jim Geiger, Josephine County Police, Oregon
* Lawsuit against Officer Brad Johnson, Josephine County Police, Oregon

Criminal charges were alledgedly "filed" against all the above as well. The grounds for all lawsuits above range from critique of Kal on a website (such as this), to unrelated, legal conviction against a relative (see below).

Slanderous behavior from Kal in response:
While Kal is quick to announce a lawsuit, his more severe responses range from genuine slander to intimidation or blackmail:
  • Kevin Randle exposes Kal, then Kevin Randle is thratenedwith complaints and accused of having "terrorist ties."
  • Mac Tonnies questions Kal, then is threatened with a complaint to the FBI and accused of being a racist.
  • Gene Steinberg hosts a message board exposing Kal, Gene Steinberg is accused of promoting hate.

Perhaps most damaging to others' reputation:
Regarding police directly involved in incarcerating Kal's brother (Kurtis Korff was tried by jury and successfully convicted of a felony: guilty of attempted assult). The police were threatened with "nanobots" by Kal, plus lawsuits and criminal investigations.

Kal says he is having a lawsuit filed against Ray Santilli. When Ray Santilli laughs at this Kal claims Ray Santilli has ties to porn and neo Nazis. (While completely unfounded, Ray intends no countersuit)

Milos Bartu files a lawsuit against Kal, then is threatened with the FBI and Department of Justice. Going further, Kal threatened Milos of involving Milos' employer.

What does this mean to me?
Just be aware that Kal can and does go beyond holding a grudge and continues to slander those who critique him.


Mac said...

At one point Kal claimed he was having me "investigated" (whatever that means) by "Missouri based lawyers." Hilarious and disturbing.

Anonymous said...

Don;t forget that Kal said he was going to sue Paul Kimball, David Biedny, Mac Tonnies, Royce Myers, Don Ecker and everyone else who called Kal on his bullshit. Kal even said some of these people were the subject of criminal probes, which we now know was completely made up by Kal.

Anonymous said...

Kal can't and will never just walk away from anything. He is the equivalent of a stalker with a keyboard who is overly obsessed with people and he is someone will do anything and everything he can to try and dominate someone because in life Kal Korff is failure. Kal's various threats ae his external projections on the world of what he thinks should happen but he knows it never will. Kal knows he isn't going to sue anyone. Kal knows no one is going to be arrested or prosecuted. Kal knows there aren't any investigations against anyone. Kal knows his terrorism book will never be published. Kal knows that he has driven everyone in his life away. Kal knows he doesn't really have a 500 book deal. Kal knows he never had $25,000,000 to use as a budget for production and whatever else he claimed. Kal knows he's a loser with a problem. Kal just won't accept it because that would mean having to actually be responsible and do something about it.

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