Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kal's Claims

Kal's Claims

Kal has achieved so much, in so little time, where many others and teams of others have failed.
Can it really be true? You be the judge after you read his most often cited achievements:

  • Solved John F. Kennedy's assassination (resolutely proving the lone bullet theory).
  • Signed deal for writing 500 (five hundred) books (undisclosed publisher, unknown timeframe)
  • Developed A-bomb design during grade school science fair, prompting clandestine govt visit.
  • Invented hypertext (a.k.a. clickable links on Internet) while "an engineer at Apple"
  • Converted to Judiaism (via simple declaration) and founded "Special Secret Services"
  • Once a Captain, now promoted to Colonel in above Special Secret Services.
  • Employed with Lawrence Livermore National Labs to work on the "Star Wars" anti-ICBM project.

What does this mean to me?
Anyone who single-handedly solved JFK's assassination deserves world-wide recognition.
Why hasn't Kal received it?
Driven by desire for fame (in order to garner "respect"), Kal is often attracted to the hot topics or current events. He especially uses anniversaries to spread his grand contributions.

Past examples include 30th anniverary of JFK assassination, 40th anniversary of Roswell UFO case, terrorism scare of post-9/11, missile shield debate of Central Europe and many more.

Kal lavishes media attention. Once finished, he burns bridges with reporters, scorning any negative (accurate) attention.

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Anonymous said...

Kal tries to make a living trashing other people and he's a also mediawhore who jumps on the latest fad.

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