Monday, December 29, 2008

Ingenious New Blog Available

In a simple, but brilliant new move by one of Kal's many critics, a new blog is available.

The blog "Flame Away" has one hidden purpose - to motivate Kal to act.

How? It slanders the hell out of Kal Korff.

Why? Kal often threatens to sue others for defamation, slander, libel, etc., despite the individual barely criticized him (many cases documented below). And in every case, Kal's action stops at the threat, far short of doing anything concrete, i.e. retain a lawyer, file a "cease & desist," complaining to appropriate authorities...

Maybe this time, he'll have no choice but to actually do something!


Anonymous said...

Yeah Kal come sue me you fat seal clubbing bastard!!!!

f1 Racer

Anonymous said...

There might be some truth about this from a certain point of view. Kal claims to be dedicated to humanitarian causes yet he allows thousands of animals crucial to the ecological system to be slaughtered? This directly effects us all Kal so why have you not done something this? It seems to me someone like you who claims to have an extraordinarily high iq would have solved this problem long ago! In fact, what about the homeless? What about AIDS? What about cancer? What about starvation and famine? I forget that a couple of UFO nuts are more important than all that to you. Nut.

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