Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Timeline/"CV" of Kal Korff

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1960/61 - Kal Kern Korff is born, location unknown

1973-1976 - Kal's junior high school: Walters Junior High in Fremont, California
1976-1980 - Kal's high school: JF Kennedy HS, also in Fremont, California.
End of formal education.

1980's-1990's - various, intermittant employment at Claris, Boeing and LLNL (where else?)

Lived in
~1995 - Kal lives in Seattle, working for Boeing
2002 - Kal relocates to Prague (why?)

Freelance work
2006-2007 - Kal wrote 'Kal's Korner' for free daily paper, "Express" (since discontinued; out of circulation)

2008 - Kal "relocates" again to Switzerland (signing 2 year lease), but promptly returns back to Prague.

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