Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kal Did Work At LLNL


I believe Kal now. I've heard from one of Kal's former colleagues at LLNL.
Speaking on the condition of anonymity, this person worked with or above Kal at LLNL (Lawrence Livermore Natl Laboratory) and verified Kal's employment, including some decent details.

My source verified about 2 facts:
  1. Kal did indeed work at LLNL, for a period between 2-4 years.
  2. Kal's work was not related to the Star Wars program, not even remotely. Instead, Kal's work was remedial system support, namely on a subset of LLNL's Macintosh computers.

Even more detailed, Kal was not a full-time LLNL employee, but rather via a contractor, through Kirk Mayer Inc (KMI). The rent-a-tech department he worked in was called Small Systems Support (SSS), later called the Distributed Computer Support Program (DCSP).

Also, I understand from this source (sounds like someone who was in a superior position to Kal) that Kal's performance was subpar, all the while he was a boastful (direct quote: "he did not contribute to anything but his ego")

Another quote from the source: "He certainly did not support anything related to the science that goes on there." So, for Kal to say he was involved with Star Wars is the same as any person crossing the street was involved with a car accident a mile away. Kal was in the same city, but not the same team.

Again, although he was bad at it, here's one more source saying Kal did legitimately work at LLNL. More importantly in the quest of truth, all of Kal's innuendos that he had any contribution to the Star Wars program are completely empty. Kal's work at LLNL was simply Macintosh computer support.

Personal Thank You to Kal
I have a personal "Thank You" for you, Kal. When I first read about you and your "involvement" with Hypercard, I got interested in learning about Hypercard myself.
I couldn't believe how easy Hypercard is! I made a couple programs myself after only a few minutes. And then I got a good idea ...since I'm kind of a Star Trek fan, I made one program to catalog a bunch of Star Trek TNG related data. I named it "Commander Data" and I ended up selling it online for ..., well, let's say more money than you'll ever see. Even Milos Bartu appreciates it (I gave it to him for free).

Yeah, so thanks Kal!


KIAI said...

BRAVO!! Does this mean Kal Korff is now going to eat Don Eker's hat?? Oh my that is right Don Eker does not wear a hat according to the legendary level three analyst Kal Korff! ahahahahahaha

Nice work Kult!!!

Squonkamatic said...

Interesting! and excellent work. Though if you take this new information -- Kal K. Korff was an independently contracted Macintosh support specialist who was assigned to work at LLNL -- and cross it with his own bragging -- that he had access to materials relating to SDI which required a security clearance -- it sounds as though perhaps Kal K. Korff used his position to try and compromise LLNL security to view classified information that he could not possibly have had clearance for.

Anonymous said...

Here's the deal with Kal. He works in a job and greatly exaggerates what his actual role was. Kal used to work as a security guard in California and he was somewhere in Europe when the wall fell. Take those two things and mix them together and you now have Kal the terrorism expert according to Kal. Kal is a flake who just happened to be at the right place and time for these books. Nothing more. He doesn't even have a degree from a community college!

Anonymous said...

How the heck did you write a hypercard program when hypercard has been dead for years?

Anyway.. a bunch of us knew Kal at Boeing. None of us are sure what he did. He never really explained much and no one seemed to miss Kal when he left. In fact I think his own manager even said "He quit? When? I mean OH.. ok.. well we'll move on then."

At first I thought that was more a reflection of Boeing's backward-ass corporate culture... now I wonder..

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