Monday, February 16, 2009

The UFO Hall of Fame

Let this article serve as a strong endorsement for the UFO Hall of Fame, maintained by none other than Royce Myers III. This website is the one-stop repository of people, popularly elected and chosen for their related contributions.

My unbiased assessment is on the choice of Hall of Fame candidates.
I urge you to view these reputable men and women, distinguished by their achievements, their credibility and their strong character.

Examples of those Hall of Fame candidates include the great Dr. Kevin Randle, Don Ecker and Don's lovely wife, Vicki. Pictures of them are below. Behold - their greatness.

(And, hey, aren't those doggies cute! I'll bet Don and Vicki are great people to know, too.)

My hat is off to these 3 people and the selected few who join them in the established UFO Hall of Fame.

As a quick disclaimer, let me say - this author is a disinterested, 3rd-party regarding UFOs, since I have zero interest in UFOs as a topic. Instead, I only wish to point out who is and who is not on the UFO Hall of Fame.

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Anonymous said...

You are vermin, "KalIsrael".

For what you did to Mr Sedlacek - one of the kindest, most decent men in Prague - the police are coming to get you very, very soon.

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