Friday, February 13, 2009

Kal and his Quotation Marks

Quotations marks are correctly used for two reasons:
  1. To quote or cite someone else's words. (Hence, they are appropriately named "quotation marks").

  2. To make specific reference to a word or phrase, as I just did within the parentheses above. Example: I made reference to my previous use of the words "quotation marks."
Kal misuses and abuses both situations.

In the first case, when Kal means to quote someone else, he misuses by purposefully forgeting to use quotation marks. We've already proven that Kal makes liberal use of other people's written material in his publishing attempts, but rarely distinguishes the effort as someone else's. (Obviously, this is his vain attempt to come off smarter than we all know him to be.)

In the latter case, Kal heavily abuses quotation marks, abitrarily and randomly encasing words with them as would a cook sprinkle herbs into a soup. In Kal's case, that soup would be ruined by overuse.

Let's pick one random example of Kal's random use of the quotation mark. Can you spot it?

Yes, Kal actually put Wednesday in quotation marks.

If that's not bad enough for you, here's an exerpt of the text which followed. I made no edits, save putting his quoted words in bold for faster identification:

Let us see now how many people continue to lie on the Internet and say that this is "not true."
Furthermore, let us now also see just how long Royce's "good buddies" like David Biedny,...; or Kevin Randle (who Royce falsely claims is the "voice of reason in UFOlogy" despite the FACT that Randle LIES and defames U.S. law enforcement and its fine military personnel by claiming that they go around "threatening to murder Roswell eyewitnesses"); or Don Ecker (another huckster Royce endorses, who sold his magazine to UFO literary FRAUD co-author William Birnes); or Paul Kimbull — who of course never holds Royce, Randle, Ecker nor Biedny accountable, but of course "attacks" Kal Korff (who doesn't believe in Little Grey Men) and plans a video "hit piece" marketed as a "documentary" in the near future.
UFO WatchCat and Kal Korff are not "worried" — instead, Paul Kimball should be, as his good friend Brad Sparks was recently informed of.
Sparks does NOT support the activities of these individuals, Brad Sparks does NOT claim that "Roswell" involved the secret crash and recovery of "aliens" and Kal Korff continues to work on "projects of interest" (Korff would not elaborate) with Mr. Sparks.
Both Sparks and Korff are longtime, very close friends, of nearly 20 YEARS!
Naturally, the "pro-UFO alien agenda-driven" imaginary "field" of "UFOlogy" never discusses this — instead, they're too busy engaging in avoidance and playing "shoot the messenger" instead of facing the FACTS of the "messages" Brad Sparks, Korff and UFO WatchCat have always exposed.

Yes, Kal continues to be a moron.

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Squonkamatic said...

Great observation, and I have learned to nix my own use of unnecessary quotations by seeing what a horse's ass Kal K. Korff makes of himself every time he uses them.

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